141207 – Signs of U.S. Insanity

Today’s Items:

Market Correction Warning

In recent years, almost every single time junk bonds have declined substantially, there has been a notable stock market correction as well. Because of falling oil prices, high yield bonds are steadily moving lower. As the price of oil falls, investors become concerned about the future prospects of energy companies and dump their bonds.


Here are some statistics not being reported…
1. Full-time jobs declined by 150,000 while part-time increased by 77,000.
2. The labor participation rate remained unchanged at 62.8% at around a 36 year low.
3. The jobs that were created skewed heavily toward lower quality for seasonal hiring.

Liberty Dollar Sentencing

Bernard von NotHaus, “Architect” of the Liberty Dollar may receive a light sentence because the judge believes the motives were philosophical rather than criminal. In addition, the judge has ordered the federal government to return the millions of dollars of silver. Now, what is the chance that the silver has not already been used, by the U.S. Mint, to produce Silver Eagles?

CDC Vaccine Apology

For those that have decided to receive their annual flu vaccine, a warning from the CDC about their vaccine possibly not being effective this year is worrisome. The good news… Not! They received successful injection of formaldehyde, aluminum, and mercury.

Top 10 Abortion States

According to the CDC, numbers show that 60.48% of abortions in the top 10 abortion states were Black or Hispanic. Considering Blacks and Hispanics make up 30.3% of the total population, this should be very frightening.

Can’t Beat Meat!

A new study by the animal-friendly Humane Research Council reveals that 84% of vegetarians and vegans return to consuming meat. The survey of more than 11,000 adults revealed that only 2% of Americans don’t consume meat at all. And 88% have never been vegetarians or vegans. So, it’s not easy being green… Especially with smell of bacon!

19 Signs of U.S. Insanity

Here are a few…
1. U.S. leaders state that an $18 trillion debt is under control.
2. Only 36% of the population can name all three branches of government.
3. When pregnancy is considered to be a “disease” and babies are considered to be “liabilities.”
4. When the number of payday lenders is greater than the number of Starbucks locations.
Speaking of Starbucks…

Starbucks Beer

Officials at Starbucks announced that they will add beer, wine, and snacks to thousands of their domestic cafes. In the old days, we used to call these type of establishments bars or pubs. Perhaps, Starbucks may soon offer hand jobs as implied in the movie ‘Idiocracy.’

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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