141211 – Boots of Tyranny

Today’s Items:

FDIC Schemes

Emails show that the FDIC colluded with the Department of Injustice to target legal businesses; such as, gun dealers. They schemed to influence banks’ decisions on who to do business with by labeling certain industries as ‘reputational risks.’

IRS Scandal

New documents reveal that Lois Learner discussed possible criminal prosecution of groups opposed to Obama with the Department of Injustice two years before what the agency had conceded. Of course, criminal activity is standard operating procedure with Obama and company.

Boehner Copies Pelosi

Like Nancy Pelosi’s idea of passing a bill to find out what is inside, Boehner is telling his fellow Republicans to trust him on a 1,600 page bill he almost read. Remember, tyranny has both a left and right boot.

Anti-GMO Law

A potential law that passed the Republican-controlled House, would place restrictions on anti-GMO scientists from advising the EPA while Monsanto thugs would still have access.

She’s Shocked!

Senator Boxer was shocked about testimony on how the CIA funded, and trained, ISIS sexually abused women. If she’s shocked now, wait till she’s told that these Muslims behead their victims.

Insider Trading

In a stunning turnaround, a federal appeals court overturned and threw out the guilty verdicts of two hedge fund managers for insider trading. So, it now appears that insider trading is legal?

Whooping Cough

A Whooping cough outbreak of 15 vaccinated children at a Massachusetts high school are being blamed on unvaccinated children who were not affected. Even if the unvaccinated children were “carriers” for the disease, this only reinforces that whooping cough vaccines are a failure.


Obama wants to do to preschools what he has done to the medical industry with Obamawreck and the educational system with Common Core. They want to spend 1 billion dollars, as an investment, to screw up preschools and daycare center to likely force children to sing “Mmm Mmm Mmm Barack Hussein Obama.”

36th Banker

A 52-year-old Belgian banker is the 36th banker to be found dead this year. Forget rabbit or duck season, it must be banker season.

California Drought

California is having one of the worst droughts in 1,200 years and its impact on its citizens is horrible. Unfortunately for global weather alarmists, federal scientists, at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, say that natural weather patterns, not man-made global warming, is causing the situation. Guess who’s federal funding is about to be slashed?

Vending Machine

A new vending machine, that uses facial recognition technology, could refuse to vend a certain products based on a shopper’s age, medical record or dietary requirements. What selections would be made available for someone wearing an Obama mask?

Profiting on ADHD?

According to a new study, published in the journal Social Science and Medicine, it appears the increase in ADHD diagnoses were due to drug company marketing and lobbying and is a completely fabricated condition that was invented to turn normal behavioral variences into money making opportunities for Big Pharma. Gee, I’m shocked!

7 Questions for Gold Bears

Here are a few…
1. Why Is China Accumulating Record Amounts of Gold?
2. Why Are Bullion Sales Setting New Records?
3. Why Are Countries Repatriating Gold?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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