140521 – GM Safety?

Today’s Items:

Russia China Banking Deal

VTB, which is among Russia’s largest banks, has signed a deal with the Bank of China to pay each other in domestic currencies; thus, bypassing the need for U.S. Dollars for investment banking and inter-bank lending.   This is yet another sign that the Dollar’s days, as the world’s reserve currency, are numbered.

Intervention will End

According to James Turk, inflationary pressures are building in some commodities as well as in the major stock markets.   From commodities to the Dollar index, markets are experiencing full force intervention by central planners as people’s standard of living continues to sink.    The central planners can pin down several markets for a while; however, in the end, they will lose.    This is why it is a good idea to just continue to prepare accordingly.

Gold Demand Continues

After the record year for gold demand in 2013, gold demand made a robust start to 2014.    According to World Gold Council data, demand for gold only dropped by 3 tons to 1,074 tons.    Of course, the People’s Bank of China does not make their gold purchases public; thus, demand is higher than people realize.

Known for Years

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said that he knew for years of the VA problems that pre-dated Obama.    So Mitch, you and others allowed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of honored veterans to die in agony without lifting a finger?    This proves you do not have character, but are a character.   Any nation that cannot financially take care of its veterans should not financially fight in wars.

10 Ways To Beat Food Prices

Here are a few…
1. Cook From Scratch
2. Buy staples in bulk.
3. Manage your pantry to plan for meals.

Unfit for Trial

A judge ruled that a former TSA agent at LAX is not mentally fit to stand trial about an incident while on the job.     Shows you what you get when you post TSA job applications on pizza delivery boxes.

GM Safety

Government Motors is, for safety reasons, recalling about 2.42 million vehicles in 4 separate U.S. recalls.     This brings the number of global recalls to 15.2 million: or a stunning 56% greater than the 9.7 million cars they sold in all of 2013!     Is this yet another Obama centrally-planned success story as safety at GM is apparently a joke?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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