140512 – Evils of Central Planning

Today’s Items:

Remember Greece?

In a harbinger of what is likely to come to the U.S., Greece is poised to formally open debt relief talks with its creditors.     Greece would propose measures to alleviate its monumental debt burden, which at 175% of GDP is by far the highest in the EU.      Even if the Greece’s debt burden is made more manageable, their economic woes are far from over because of the 30% plus unemployment and over 40% earning below poverty wage levels.

Day Of Reckoning

According to Keith Barron, all the countries in the West try to minimize the value of gold, but is held by the worlds’ central banks, including the IMF, as a reserve.   While the U.S. encourages Americans to foolishly spend their savings on consumption, China is encouraging their citizens to save in gold and put it in a safe place, and to be fiscally prudent.     The contrast between East and West indicates the West is in real trouble.

U.S. Households

The latest data from the consumer credit report shows that total household wages was close to 7.2 trillion dollars, yet total household debt is at 13.1 trillion dollars.     In short, U.S. household debt is nearly twice as high as annual wages and salaries.  Yikes!

Postal Debt

The U.S. Postal Service currently owes 99.8 billion dollars in benefit payments to its current and retired workers but does not have the money.      One pretty much sees where this is going…     Yes, if Congress does not cough up the taxpayer dollars, you will not get your junk err… past due notices.

Summer Economics

In a precursor to what we will hear in the U.S. in the near future, the Italians found out that March industrial production fell by 0.5% because summer came early this year.     So, the only thing worse for centrally-planned economies than a cold winter is summer?

Income Inequality

Here are the top 5 U.S. cities with the greatest income inequality…
5. Gainesville, Florida.
4. Jackson, Mississippi.
3. Miami, Florida.
2. New Orleans, Louisiana.
1. Atlanta, Georgia.
Washington D.C. is 15th followed by the first Texas city of Beaumont at 16.

Chicago Teachers

The Chicago Teacher’s Union became the latest organization to blast the fascist ‘Common Core’ takeover of edumacation.     It appears that people are waking up to the dangers of central planning initiatives and it all started with the realities of Obamawreck.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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  1. but I know the general stand on that but the point is that the hole recaersh is ridiculous to begin with cause people from the far North called Eskimo’s have small eyes and with the snow and all you don’t want to get much light in your eyes cause you might sugffer from snowblindness. Reuters even put a picture with a lot of snow as illustration next to their story.

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