140428 – Martyrs?

Today’s Items:

Shanghai Silver

In less than two months, silver inventories at the Shanghai Futures Exchange declined 244 metric tons.     In just one year, inventories at the exchange declined from 1,123 metric tons to the current level of 258 metric tons.      In addition, the COMEX shed another one million ounces of silver.  Smart money is apparently taking physical.

Gold Price Censored

Using the base gold price of 35 dollars an ounce in 1933, and the corresponding dollar supply growth since then, along with the mine supply growth, Michael Pento concluded in an MSNBC interview that gold should now be valued about 6,000 dollars an ounce.    This fact never made it on air because executives at MSNBC censored the whole segment.   So, if gold is supposed to be 6,000 an ounce, perhaps silver, because of availability and silver’s mining ratio compared to gold, should be about 300 dollars an ounce.

Doctors Slam Doors

What good is health insurance if doctors will not accept it?    This is what is happening as doctors will only see existing patients and not add any new ones.    People may be walking around with their new Obamawreck card; however, it will not help them find healthcare.  Think of it as everyone having a debit card with no ATM’s around.

Vermont says No

The biotech industry has been desperately trying to block laws that exposes GMOs in the food supply.      With that said, the criminal cabal lost a big battle when Vermont voted to require mandatory GMO labeling by July 1, 2016.     Now the biotech industry will sue the state of Vermont to keep people in the dark.

Drone the Martyrs?

Eric Holder apparently wants to make martyrs out of the Bundys, and their supporters.     A report claims that Holder has approved military drone strikes to possibly help cover up Harry Reid’s apparent Chinese deal.      Considering the Fast and Furious scandal, this is very possible.

Sponsored Canonization

An oil and gas giant, several banks, and Nestle sponsored Pope Francis canonizations on Sunday.     What’s next?     BP executives responsible for the Gulf Oil Spill being declared saints?

The Banana

Aside from being the most favorite fruit by athletes, there are a lot of benefits, from helping with blood-pressure to ulcers, when eating a banana.      So hopefully, people do have a banana in their pocket.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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