140429 – Yuan for Oil

Today’s Items:

China Trade

China announced that they plan to trade, price and create an exchange for both oil and gold…    In Yuan!     Since China is Saudi Arabia’s biggest oil buyer, and when this likely happens, this is going to put extreme pressure on Saudi Arabia to switch from the Dollar to the Yuan.     When this happens, the days of the petrodollar dominance will be very short lived.

Deutsche Bank’s Derivatives

Deutsche Bank, the largest bank in Europe, has 55 trillion euros, or 75.7 trillion dollars, worth of derivatives.     This is 20 times greater than the German GDP.     Of course, there is nothing to worry about since Deutsche Bank has 522 billion euros in deposits, or just over 100 times less than derivatives.   No wonder, German citizens are loading up on physical gold.

Sell Treasuries

Goldman Sucks is advising their clients to sell U.S. Treasuries.     The last time they issued a sell notice was with gold and it did just what they said it would do.     So, do they know something about the economy that the majority of Americans don’t?    We will see.

Toyota To Texas

Toyota, following other companies like Nissan, plans to move large numbers of jobs from its sales and marketing headquarters in California to Texas.      Yet another Texas success story thanks to California raising taxes and increasing regulations.     Of course, it does not help the business atmosphere when the governor of California suggests restaurants serve water only if requested.

Rand Paul Gives Up

Rand Paul is apparently not the man his father is.    With Obama becoming, if not already, the most unpopular president in U.S. History, Rand Paul is apparently waving the white flag.    He said that it will be difficult to repeal Obamawreck at this point.     This is why, independent thinkers do not have a leader because these so-called leaders typically lose their balls when it counts the most.

Bananas Under Attack!

Yes, another banana story…     Anyway, the kind of bananas that we Americans eat today could eventually be totally eliminated by the TR4 fungus…     In addition, there is nothing at this point that can keep the fungus from spreading.    So, be prepared to eat different types of bananas.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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