140409 – Lockdown

Today’s Items:

Indian Farmers

The Reserve Bank of India is discouraging banks from using agricultural land as collateral in loans.     To that end, Indian banks are now pushing farmers to back loans with gold as a collateral.    Of course, once the gold is given to the banks and the loan is paid off, will the farmers get their gold back?


Gold is in the fourth week of a price lock down with no reason to support the price suppression.     The fundamentals for gold are absolutely rock solid.    The continuous printing of currency has now led to a seriously overvalued and extremely vulnerable U.S. stock market.     The problem for Western central planners is that they can only distort reality for so long before it blows up in their face.

Tax Freedom Day

The day when the nation collectively has made enough to pay its total tax burden for the year is April 21st.    Thanks to all the new Obamawreck taxes, it is three days later than last year.    Of course, if deficit spending is also calculated into the mix, then the date would have to be moved far later into the year.

You Can’t Eat Gold and Silver

When a real crisis arrives, priorities change very rapidly and people are not going to want to trade you their precious food no matter how much gold and silver you may have.     So now is the time to get prepared while food prices are still relatively low.     Also, if for some reason, nothing happens, you still got food at a lower cost; thus, it is a win-win situation.

War on Cash Media Blitz

The war on cash continues.     To that end, the never ending barrage of excuses, from cash being dirty or easily stolen, gets trumpeted by sycophants in the media.     Governments like electronic money payment systems that they can monitor; however, they do not like electronic monies and payment systems they cannot monitor.

Holder Goes Nazi SS

Before they were sent to Concentration Camps, Jews were ordered to sew Jewish armbands, known as the Yellow Badge, on their outer garments.    Now, Eric Holder wants a 21st century equivalent for legal gun owners.     He wants legal gun owners to wear electronic bracelets to use their guns; so that, they can likely be tracked by the Department of Injustice.     Just an idea; however, it would be nice if Holder, and Obama, were forced to wear an ankle bracelets after being in jail.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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3 thoughts on “140409 – Lockdown

  1. Your blog and video are more valuable than gold, silver or even food…..Your nourish the mind (for those that have one left!) and the soul. You provide hope with reality…
    Thanks & Have a great day!

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