140319 – Economy Hits Wall

Today’s Items:

Dollar Index Under Tension

According to John Hathaway, historically, during a period of geopolitical tension, the U.S. dollar has been a strong currency.    With the current crisis in the Ukraine, there should be a reflex move into the dollar and away from other currencies, but the opposite is happening.     Is this a major sign that the Dollar has lost its place as the world’s reserve currency?    We will see.

Economy Hits Wall

Mid-December holiday retail sales may be the indicator that the U.S. economy may have actually hit the wall in November.      The dissection of new and existing home sales and auto sales data appears to support this.       In addition, interest rates started to spike higher.      Make no mistake, the reason for the slowdown is not the weather but the structural deterioration in the income and wealth of the middle class.

NSA Replays Phone Calls

The NSA has built a surveillance system capable of recording 100% of a foreign country’s telephone calls.     So, has the NSA done this domestically within the U.S. since the entire globe is considered a battlefield in the War on Terror?      Most likely and do not expect officials to fess up because they have been allowed to lie under Congressional oath without consequences.

Obama Scandal Bracket

With all of the scandals from the most transparent administration ever, one should review the current scandal bracket and see which one could get Obama legally removed from office.    Maybe the wildcard region should be re-labeled ‘Fast and Furious’ with a host of things about Holder included.    Of course, with ball-less Republicans and the mass media, don’t hold your breath on Obama being removed.

Queen Michelle?

Using multiple anatomical differences between men and women; such as, the ratio of the ring finger to the index finger to other more obvious factors, this video makes a very compelling case that Michael err…   Michelle Obama may not be the first lady but the first drag queen.     After reviewing the video, what do you think of the presented evidence?

Common Core

As long as the student can explain their reasoning, the answer to 3 times 4 can be equal to 11 or even pi.      Just imagine the ensuing chaos when these kids start dealing with real world scenarios like giving change back to customers at a fast food restaurant while paying off their education debt.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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2 thoughts on “140319 – Economy Hits Wall

  1. Can you talk a little slower some times you are very hard to understand .
    Also can you do a run on obozo executive orders we need to spread the word on how dangerous this piece of shit is to america! !!

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