140318 – Political Infighting

Today’s Items:

Controlled Confidence?

According to John Embry, Western governments are controlling the markets to keep confidence their economies from collapsing.     The continued 3AM paper gold selling continues; however, with each sell, manipulation is becoming more and more obvious.     Add to this is the bogus economic data that are designed to persuade dumb money into stocks.    Oh, and lets not get started about those financially challenged social media stocks.     In the end, after preparing, make sure to keep stacking real assets like physical gold and silver.

Surgeon General

In the face of a very difficult midterm election, thanks to Obamawreck, Demonrats have convinced Obama to stop pushing his anti-gun fanatic for Surgeon General…      For now. With that said, look for recess appointments after the election.

Republican Leadership

In the same manner that the Republican Party leadership rigged primaries, stomped on free speech and fought against their grassroots, they have decided to set up new rules to allow for the complete collapse of their party.    They will limit primary debates; so that, primary voters will be left clueless on pre-selected candidates.     In addition, for the few primary debates, only moderators, loyal to the leadership and not the people, will be chosen.      Make no mistake, the Republican leadership has repeatedly shown that they would rather support Obama than what their grassroots want.


Condoleezza Rice, member of the Council of Foreign Relations, is encouraging Republicans to be more inclusive on issues of immigration.    Hey Condi!     Wouldn’t be better to enforce the current immigration laws first before we make up a bunch of new and ineffective ones?


The attorney general of Pennsylvania shut down an investigation because everyone they caught, on tape of taking cash and gifts, were only black state Democrats.    So, was the investigation dropped because of political, or racial, reasons?     At any rate, apparently, justice now has preferences.

Private Surveillance

People are concerned about the government intruding on people’s privacy; however, it turns out that private companies have joined in.     People that work for private companies are driving around scanning license plates for databases.     Disney is using RFID chips to track and catalog people’s activity in their parks.     Smart televisions are spying and cataloging peoples activities in their own homes.      Makes one wish for simpler times.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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