1402245 – Pushing It Back

Today’s Items:

Global Economy

The last 3 weeks have seen the macro fundamentals of the G-10 major economies collapse at the fastest pace in almost 4 years.    So, while U.S. economists, and political pundits, state that the cold was to blame, the New York Slimes claims it was the 4th warmest January on record.    Wouldn’t it be nice if these liars got their story straight?

The China Bubble is Bursting

According to James Rickards, there is evidence that Chinese growth figures are manipulated and the composition of growth and its non-sustainability are the Achilles Heel for an economy that takes up 10% of the World’s GDP.    He goes on to say that China’s problem is an over-reliance on investment to the exclusion of consumption as China’s growth is already overstated.

More Rice Lies?

Susan Rice, who openly lied to the American people about how the Benhazi attack was the result of a YouTube video, now says that Russian military intervention into the suspected CIA coordinated revolution in the Ukraine would be a grave mistake.     Seriously, this woman, along with the rest of the Obama cabal, have a real credibility problem.      A Russian military intervention may be exactly what is needed.

Americans Rising Up

America’s ruling oligarchy have been experiencing more push-back and as social-economic crisis gets worse, and expect the push-back to grow.    Here are three recent examples…
1. The DHS’s cancellation of a nationwide license plate database…  For now.
2. The FCC’s cancellation of the plan to have monitors in newsrooms grilling editors and reporters on what news stories are run….    For now.
3. Connecticut’s massive new gun-registration scheme facing civil disobedience.
Simply put, the more the government squeezes, the more the push-back by the people.

California Face-Off

There is a shortage of doctors in California; therefore, it is a market that insurance companies do not want because there is not much doctor competition.      Needless to say, the law of very limited supply and lots of demand does not make for lower costs in healthcare.

Deadly Force in New Mexico

New Mexico Police are being taught to use more deadly force.    Yes, you can expect the state police to continue to use minivans, filled with children, as target practice.    And if you don’t like it, then the Roswell police will give you a free complimentary anal probing.   I’m staying out of that state!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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