140224 – Diversity Means Conformity

Today’s Items:

G-20 Clowns

Perhaps the reason that the U.S. faces a national clown shortage is because they all became politicians.     For example, the clowns of the G-20 have agreed to increase the global economy by 2 trillion dollars; however, they do not know how to do it.      While at it, they also want to increase employment by 10 million.     All they need now is the make-up, rubber noses and wigs.

Criminal Fed

New revealed documents show that officials at the Fed knew of the LIBOR rigging in 2008; however, did nothing.    In short, they abetted, and may have even orchestrated, this international crime.     Is anyone surprised?     Yet, we are not supposed to believe that there is massive gold and silver price suppression.     Speaking of gold…

Chinese Gold Demand

At nearly 64 metric tons in one week, the aggressive Chinese buyers are scooping up gold at a pace that transcends global mining production for the seventh week in a row.     When those Western central banks and bullion banks, that have been suppressing the price of gold with paper, are empty, that is when all hell will break loose with the gold price and that time is not far off.

NSA Corruption

It has become clear that government agencies have become perverse and corrupt.     Now, one former NSA employee, tells a sordid story of how government employees, through fear, are silenced.      Needless to say, with ball-less Republicans, don’t count on a Special Prosecutor.

Intel and NSA

Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, refused to answer questions on whether the NSA can access Intel processors in people’s computers.    Considering that Intel processors are designed to allow remote access to computers, is it really a stretch to believe that the NSA can get inside your computer?

Shot in Foot

What CNN show drew only 50,000 of their key demographic of 25 to 54 year olds?    If you guessed Piers Morgan, you are correct.     It appears that even the shrinking number of idiots, who watch CNN, do not want to watch this gun-control UK reject bastard.

Diversity Means Conformity

More and more, faculty and indoctrinated students at U.S. public universities no longer want academic freedom in the true sense, but academic justice where any non-Orwllian bilge is not only rejected but openly ridiculed.      Another step for the world of academic small-minded conformity.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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