140217 – Food Shortages

Today’s Items:

Chinese Capital Markets Frozen

Chinese capital markets are quietly turmoiling as debt issues are delayed.  Non-performing loans rose by 28.5 billion yuan, or 4.7 billion dollars in the last quarter of 2013.     Chinese banks are struggling to keep soured loans in check and extend earnings growth in a slowing economy.     Guess, they could blame the weather…     Wait Washington has dibs on that excuse.

Collapse Will Be Terrifying

According to Richard Russell, the real economy, illustrated by Walmart being too expensive for the middle class, continues to sink despite the continued lies by both a desperate government and Fed.     It appears, with gold above 1300 dollars is an ounce, that the Fed is losing its grip.    Once it appears that the U.S. gold reserves are gone, that is when gold will go ballistic.    With that said, be careful on this potential suckers rally in gold and miners.

Social Contract

In Germany, the German high court has ruled that children must take care of their parents even if they have not spoken to them in decades.    The historic norm was children taking care of their parents until the government stepped in to provide a safety-net.     So, if children have to take care of their parents again, why continue the taxes, that support seniors, for?

Payroll and Underemployment

Please take a look at the interactive maps showing the payroll to population ratio for each state, where Washington D.C. is ranked at number one.     In addition, there is an interactive map that shows the underemployment percentage for each state, where North Dakota is ranked at the lowest.

Food Shortages

From the droughts in California and Australia to low temperatures in China and across the U.S. to the heavy rainfall in Peru and Venezuela, food production this year has been severely hampered.       To that end, consider stockpiling additional goods, especially those essential dry goods like rice, beans, wheat, and corn.     One of the best investments one can make is to buy food at today’s lower prices and consume at tomorrow’s higher prices.

7 Times A Charm?

Obama, the imperial douchebag, has got a pen and a phone.    In addition, this bastard has ignored the law, such as delaying the Obamawreck mandate, seven times. So, while Obama is lawless, the opposing Republicans are ball-less.    Is it any wonder that Biden said that there was no Republican party?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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