140218 – Flu Paranoia

Today’s Items:

How China Fooled The World

From credit creation, in January, of 425 billion dollars to the 218 billion dollars in bank loans in the same period, it appears that China’s financial condition is more precarious and is leading up to a much worse horrendous financial crash, when their credit bubble pops, than is expected in America.   Is it any wonder they are buying so much physical assets, like gold?

Press Freedom

The economic decline of a nation into rule by a handful of corrupt oligarchs have many negative repercussions.     In one of the steepest declines, the U.S. dropped 13 slots to the 46 position in press freedom.     The U.S. edges out Haiti yet has less press freedom than Romania.

It’s Not Our Mission

Outgoing NSA scumbag director Keith Alexander stated ‘It’s not our mission’ to spy on everyone in the world.’    Well Keith, thanks to Nobel Prize nominated Ed Snowden, the entire world knows different.    Obama has nominated Michael Rogers, commander of the 10th fleet, to assume the position.

Executive Abuse

The Man-child and Charlatan in the white House has made 29 changes or delays in the Obamawreck and now so-called Constitutional scholars are getting worried.    The problem is when we have a president that changes, or ignores, laws, we are one step to chaos.      Which may be what this bastard wants.

Pandemic Flu Scam

More and more, we are finding out about the criminal enterprise known as Big Pharma.   The World Health Organization is the subject of a new investigation that apparently shows conflicts of interest and vaccine companies profiting on fear and paranoia.     The flu pandemic hysteria led to governments to purchase huge stockpiles of drugs and vaccines that were never used.

Immigration Reform

When it comes to ‘must’ statements from Insane McCain, it may be wise to do the opposite of what this bastard says. In the latest example, he wants immigration reform as soon as possible.    Hey moron!    Here’s an idea…     How about enforcing existing laws first!

Misdirection In Food Labels

Food labeling can be confusing or even downright deceptive; such as, food products that received an acid wash, or ionizing radiation, being labeled as fresh.    In order to safeguard your health and know what you’re truly consuming, you need to become a label reader.    All commercially grown and processed foods have challenges; however, knowledge is the best weapon.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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