140214 – Enrollment Slows

Today’s Items:

Enforced Redistribution

The EU is looking for ways to “wean” the 28-country bloc from its heavy reliance on bank financing and find other means of funding small companies, infrastructure projects and other investments.    Their solution is to mobilize more personal pension savings for long-term financing.    In short, to confiscate personal savings in those countries.

Greek Unemployment

In a harbinger of what is to come for many countries, Greek unemployment rose to a record high of 28%.    The Greek youth unemployment hit a record high of 61.4%.    No doubt many Obamawreck supporters, like Nancy Pelosi, are envious of the Greek unemployed situation because they have been allowed to escape their jobs.

U.N. Small Arms Treaty

The U.N. just issued resolution 2117, which calls for member states to collect civilian arms and destroy them.   Needless to say, Obama, and others, are just thrilled and are likely getting the Department of Homeland Insecurity ready, with all the bullet purchases, to go after the over 80 million determined gun owners.    So, what kind of distraction is needed for Obama thugs to be successful?    How about an economic collapse or other man-made crisis.

Utah Data Center

Can Utah shut down the new NSA data center by turning off the water?    The data center requires 1.7 million gallons of water a day to cool those NSA computers.    The nice thing is that the 10th Amendment would allow the state to do this and the years in appeals courts would render the data center inert.


Obama has released a framework designed to reduce cyberattacks to help businesses and organizations protect critical infrastructure and intellectual property.   Now, the question is, is the Obamawreck website, the poster child of network insecurity, the model for this type of framework?    Speaking of Obamawreck…

Obamawreck Enrollment Slows

There has been a drop-off of approximately 500,000, or 29%, in Obamawreck enrollments in January.      In fact, no one in Illinois has enrolled in this scheme.    Of the questionable 3.3 million who did enroll, hundreds of thousands have failed to even make their first payment on this boondoggle.

Find the Sniper Quiz

Hey, check out this site that has ten pictures and asks you to spot the sniper.    Amazing how well a good sniper can just simply blend into the surrounding environment.   Good luck finding all  ten!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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