140118 – Lies and Collusion

Today’s Items:

Kerry’s Syrian Lies Exposed

Remember when John ‘Frankenstein’ Kerry stated he had no doubt that the Syrian Government used chemical weapons?    Well, thanks to the work of U.N. weapons inspectors, we now know that the chemical weapons were fired from rebel-held territory.     You know, the U.S.armed and Al Qaeda lead rebels.   Yet another lie from the most ‘transparent’ government ever.    Perhaps they meant transparently dishonest!

Blow-back Escalates

Germany’s blow-back against gold manipulation is accelerating after saying it is worse than the LIBOR scandal.    Deutsche Bank will be withdrawing from gold and silver price fixing as European regulators investigate.   If the price fixing ends, the manipulators, or central banks, would be the big losers.   Needless to say, Germany’s gold is simply gone and the Germans will likely never see that gold ever.

Obama NSA Cover-Up

In an attempt to address the growing NSA scandal, Obama has named John Podesta, one of George Soros’s people, to lead the comprehensive review of the NSA scandal.    With that, one can easily imagine that John Podesta will do anything legal, and illegal, to make this scandal go away.    So, will he ask Sandy Berger, who did a bang up job covering for the Clinton’s at the National Archives, for help with any documentation as well?

Obama In The Dark?

Obama knew nothing about the IRS targeting groups that were opposed to him despite evidence otherwise?    Obama knew nothing about the extent of the NSA spying program despite evidence otherwise?   Add these to the other scandals, like ‘Fast and Furious’ and one wonders…    Is Obama the most clueless person on earth or is Obama lying yet again?   Your choice.

5 Rivals to Bitcoin

1. Litecoin
2. Peercoin
3. NXT
4. Namecoin
5. Dogecoin
Now understand this, like Bitcoin, none of these have intrinsic value and rely on encryption that the NSA could exploit with their quantum computers.

EPA Collusion

File this one under duhhhh!!!     We now know, because of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, that senior officials at the EPA actively colluded with environmental groups in an effort to destroy their mutual enemies…    Namely conventional energy companies, like oil and coal, and to a large degree…   The American people.     It is because of this latest revelation of collusion, that all so-called ‘facts’ or research, put forth by the EPA, can never again be accepted as legitimate ever again.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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