140117 – It’s Magic for Fraud

Today’s Items:

5 Reasons To Exit Western Financial System

Here are a few without great detail…
1. The financial repression ideas by the IMF.
2. Bank bail-ins.
3. Seized pension funds.

GM and China

In 2013, the U.S. government controlled GM sold nearly nearly 2.8 million cars in the U.S. while they sold nearly 3.2 million cars in China.    This makes this the second year in a row where GM has sold more cars in China.    One reason may be because many Americans do not want to buy an Obama-mobile.

It’s Magic for Fraud

Obama thugs are desperate to sucker young adults into the Obamawreck fraud.    They’ve tried sex and liquor ads with very little enrollment by their intended victims, now they’re turning to Magic Johnson to sell this fraud.     Yep, nothing like a retired basketball player, worth more than 500 million dollars, duping young people, trying to just stay afloat, into this fraud.

Against Obamawreck?

You know things are bad when Obamawreck supporting politicians are attacking it.    For example, Ann Kirkpactrick placed an ad saying that she blew the whistle on the Obamawreck website.   Of course, she blew the whistle over month AFTER the site’s disastrous unveiling.     So, does she, and others in her position, really believe people don’t realize these liars not only continuously supported and voted for this fraud, but also voted against its repeal?    Remember, when it is time to vote, actions speak louder than words.  Unless, of course, the voting is rigged.

Feinstein and Drones

So, it turns out that ole hypocrite Diane Feinstein is not a fan of commercial drones as she claimed she saw a drone at her window while at her home.    She used this tale to sucker lawmakers to “proceed with caution” on the use of commercial drones.   Of course, this is the type of government, and society, that this hypocrite has been pushing for; therefore, she should just shut up and smile for the drone’s cameras.

Costco and Superbowl

Costco is selling Superbowl tickets for 16,000 dollars.    These tickets cover the cost for two  for a hotel room in New York City, the game and a souvenir gift bag.     But it will not cover bail if the people get arrested for buying a 32 ounce soda or delays caused by the TSA.   Oh wait!   The TSA will not be involved with this year’s Superbowl!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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Thank you.


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