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Articles for Tuesday 20 December 2016


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Articles for Tuesday 6 December 2016

  • Merkel’s U-Turn With Muslims
    • Angela Merkel, feeling the backlash for sucking up to Muslims at the expense of the safety of Germans, is now calling for a Burka ban. Looks like her prospects of remaining chancellor are going down. Merkel, and the rest of her liberal ilk, have blood on her hands.
  • UN’s Moment of Silence for Castro
  • Trump: Cancel Order
    • The Pentagon is looking to replace its aging fleet of Boeing 747-200 aircraft; however, Trump saw the figure and tweeted that the order should be canceled due to costs being out of control.  The elites in Washington do not know what has hit them!
  • Pentagon Buries Evidence of $125 Billion in Bureaucratic Waste
    • The Pentagon has buried an internal study that exposed $125 billion in administrative waste in its business operations amid fears Congress would use the findings as an excuse to slash the defense budget.  Can anyone with a career military background comment?
  • Trump About to Preside Over New Global Financial Crisis
    • While the world celebrates the political demise of the wicked witch of the west and braces for a Trump-style president, the real crisis is coming, in the form of a financial avalanche that could dump on everyone’s parade.
  • Trump Versus EPA
    • Trump promised that he would seek to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency altogether, claiming that for the most part, the bureaucracy had been turned into a political hammer.
  • Trump Meets Henry Kissinger
    • Henry Kissinger, the NWO sicko, is going to meet with Trump.  Hopefully, Trump will learn what NOT to do.
  • Trigger To End Sanctuary Cities
    • On July 7th, the Department of Justice changed its policy; such that, any city or state that does not comply 100% with federal requests to deport criminal illegal aliens, they would lose all federal law enforcement money.
  • Obama Becoming Powerless
    • Obama may as well go golfing because he, and his world allies, are falling to populist uprisings.
  • Obama Vacations: $85 Million
    • The first family has spent over $10 million a year on travel and vacations. Money that could have been better spent elsewhere.  Hopefully, Trump will not follow Obama’s footsteps at the taxpayer’s expense.
  • ABC News Fakes Crime Scene
    • Another example of ‘Fake News’ from the corporate media.

150823 – A World In Denial

Today’s Items:

2 Day Stock Market Crash

The 888 point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average last week beats the previous largest drop of 777 points in September 2008. An absolutely gigantic global financial bubble is beginning to burst, and the stock market crash of 2015 is just getting started.

Currencies Are Plunging

In emerging markets worldwide, currencies are plunging over fears that developing economies are on the verge of a crippling fall. The damage has spilled across oceans, with the turmoil jolting investors in New York, Tokyo and Europe. Also, in the unlikely event that the Fed raises interest rates, investors would move even more money out of emerging markets to seek higher U.S. rates.

A World In Denial

According to Egon von Greyerz, the perfect storm has now started. And this storm will turn into a hurricane probably within the next two months. He goes on to say that in the next 60 to 90 days, the stock market could go down between 25 to 30% – or more. In addition, as the world economy has already started to disintegrate, gold could reach $2,000 and silver may reach $50.

33 Things in September

Here are a few of the 33 things that will happen in September…
1. September 1st marks the beginning of FEMA’s annual “National Preparedness Month.”
2. September 15th marks the end of the Jade Helm military exercises with military equipment and personal in place.
3. September 17th is the deadline for Congress to vote on Obama’s Iran deal on Constitution Day.
4. September 21st is the UN’s International Day Of Peace.
5. September 23rd is when the dope err… Pope meets with Obama.
Speaking of the Pope…

Sanders for President?

If the Republican establishment has a problem with Donald Trump, just imagine if the socialist Bernie Sanders is endorsed for President by pedophile protecting Pope Francis when he visits the U.S. next month. It’s funny that the potential Democrat candidate for president is not even a registered Democrat.

Electronic Tyranny

From listening software bugs to keyloggers, Windows 10 has everything ‘Big Brother’ needs to keep their eye on you. Please watch the video on how the Windows operating system is no longer made for the people.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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