140116 – GMO Labeling

Today’s Items:

Baltic Dry Index

In just nine trading days, the Baltic Dry Index has collapsed 39%!    This very important key indicator of global economic health is a warning signal for the global economy in 2014.

Big Banks and Marijuana

It is interesting that big banks, like HSBC, that have been caught illegally laundering drug money now refuse to provide banking services for legal marijuana in states like Colorado which have legalized the sale of pot.    No hypocrisy here.

Gold Super Spike

According to John Hathaway, the gold bullion market has been pressured by an artificial supply of paper gold with little or no connection to the underlying physical.     As physical continues to go East, there will come a time when physical is not there and that is when we will see a spike in gold prices.    Remember, when gold spikes up, silver will blast off.

Benghazi Lies

At the time of the Benghazi terrorist attack – which a new Senate report says could have been prevented, Obama, Hillary and company, attacking the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, tried to blame a YouTube video.    Now, newly declassified documents describes how these liars were immediately told there had been a ”terrorist attack” on the Benghazi consulate not related to a video.   Oops, this may hurt Hillary.

Pushed Back

Obama cronies announced that they are delaying the deadline for people, with per-existing conditions, to enroll in Obamawreck to March 15th.     Remember, changing the law is clearly unconstitutional; however, many are invested in making this crap fly but will it hit the fan?

Dollar Store Too Expensive

You know things are tough when people face a challenge purchasing goods at dollar stores.   While many are focused on a record stock market and a boom in real estate, the record food stamp usage of over 47 million is being ignored.

GMO Law in Maine

The governor of the State of Maine has signed a GMO food labeling bill.     If it passes some hurdles, food manufacturers will need to decide whether to print two sets of labels or finally come clean on GMO’s.     In addition, if successful, this state law would supersede, in the state of Maine, any possible FDA regulation that would classify GMO’s as “Natural.”

Game Changer

Officials at BlackLight Power announced that they have produced millions of watts of power using a proprietary water-based solid fuel.    A liter of BlackLight power source exceeds the power of the Fukushima nuclear power plant.    Perhaps, the oil based economy may be ending.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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