131115 – Obama-Tale

Today’s Items:

WikiLeaks Does It Again!

The ultra-secret trade agreement, that Obama wanted to fast-track, without debate, through Congress without the legislators even reading it is in trouble.    On top of the fact that 170 legislators signing on to a letter refusing fast-track status, is the fact that WikiLeaks has exposed a 96 page chapter showing how this agreement is anti-consumer and possibly anti-American.    No wonder Obama wanted to keep this secret Christmas present from both the idiotic Legislators and the distracted American people.    Speaking about Obama presents…

Illegal Changes To Obamawreck…    Again!

Liar and Charlatan Obama, to save his backside, has ORDERED insurance companies to illegally offer insurance that doesn’t match Obamawreck’s questionable standards for another year.     Perhaps the next step in this Obamawreck fairy tale is for everyone to tap their ruby slippers together and say “All is fair with Obamacare.”

Backlash Against NSA

Merkel said that the difference between the NSA and the East German Stasi, is that the Stasi didn’t get caught.    Although not reported in the U.S., the backlash against the U.S. is off the charts from both friend and foe, alike.     In short, the lack of trust, demonstrated by the NSA, between the U.S. and its allies indicates a divorce is in the near future which could leave the U.S. isolated in almost every manner possible.

Russia To Outlaw Dollar?

Predicting the collapse of the U.S. Dollar system by 2017, a Russian lawmaker has submitted a bill that would ban the use, or possession, of U.S. fiat currency.   Another nail in the Dollar’s coffin.

Currency vs. Tangibles

The wealthy are buying tangibles; such as, physical gold, silver, diamonds and art as they dump non-tangible paper assets like dollars.    At the same time,  mainstream media propaganda is advising to get into the overbought stock market.    Looking at the big picture, financially speaking, one can do as the wealthy are doing now or what a bunch of corporate loser hacks advise.     Hmm…  Decisions…  Decisions…  Decisions.

Another Google Police State Gift

Aside from Google glass, that can be used for covert surveillance, Google just patented a temporary electronic tattoo, when stuck to a user’s throat, which communicates with smartphones, alerts others when Obama err…   the users are lying.   So, not only can you be tracked, you can also be caught in a lie.   Sounds like a new toy for both the NSA and Santa.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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4 thoughts on “131115 – Obama-Tale

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  2. That’s an interesting coemnmt on enlisting Second Amendment support for the Fourth…I’ve often wondered why the Second enjoys such support and I think the simple answer is that it is easier to see the encroachments against it. I mean it’s kind of black and white – either the government is allowing the citizenry to have guns or it’s taking them. A gun is a tangible item in hand, or not.If not for that, I suspect the Second Amendment would be falling away the way several of the rest of the Bill of Rights are.

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