131116 – Goblin Shark With Lipstick

Today’s Items:

They Apologize

They may be CIA-funded brutal cannibalistic savages; however, like Obama, when Al-Qaeda makes a mistake, they apologize.    In the case of Al-Qaeda, they beheaded a fellow “rebel” by mistake.    Did Al-Qaeda paraphrase Obama with “If you like your head, you can keep it” statement?    At least Al-Qaeda is honest unlike two polls indicating the majority of Americans no longer trust Obama or believe he is being honest with them.

Goblin Shark With Lipstick

Without the consent of Congress, Obama does not have the legal authority to change laws like he attempted to do with Obamawreck.    Different “Fix-it” bills have been introduced in both houses of Congress.     If “Fix-It” legislation became law, it would only increase the pain on Americans as insurance rates skyrocketed.    It’s as nightmarish as a goblin shark with lipstick.    The easy-to-understand, yet impossible to do, answer is to rescind Obamawreck completely and start all over without lawyers and ideologues.

“Hoover” Physical Gold

According to Chris Powell, who spoke to Asian central bankers, the Western scheme is nearing its end because they are running out of physical gold to continue it.    Asian central bankers know that the West is essentially running a Ponzi scheme with regards to the Western gold market and they are taking advantage of the bargain basement price to “Hoover” all the physical gold they can.

Spending Habits

Are you among the 76% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck and/or wondering how your money is being spent?   Well, so is the CIA since they are collecting global data on money transactions.    So, instead of calling a certified CPA about your expenses, perhaps your friends, at the CIA, can help you with your spending.

Tech Revenge On NSA?

Techies, in Silicon Valley, have turned on Obama because of the NSA’s revelations.     The U.S. cloud computing industry could lose as much as 180 billion dollars, by 2016, due to the spying disclosures.   Many techies feel betrayed by Obama’s empty promise of ending the surveillance programs that have tripled since 2010.    Companies, outed by Snowden, for actively betraying their customers, are allegedly trying to strengthen their security.

Killer Robots Outlawed?

A group in Geneva is trying to persuade the U.N. to outlaw ‘Killer Robots.’    Of course, this will work as well as nuclear proliferation did. In addition, anyone who believes the U.S. government would abide by this international law needs to change their medication.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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