131028 – Obamawreck Distortions

Today’s Items:

Uniting Against the NSA

Allies, like Germany, France, and Mexico, and foes, make up 21 nations that are drafting legislation that promotes the right of privacy on the internet because of the NSA.    You know it is bad when Merkel, who was just recently got re-elected in Germany, is saying that that U.S. spying has shattered allies’ trust.   This may be another reason that NSA Director Keith Alexander is threatening reporters for reporting NSA crimes.


According to Egon von Greyerz, the die is already cast, and there is absolutely nothing that can change the direction of the U.S. and world economies.    Even with 100 dollar premiums, gold demand, by China and India, continue unabated as gold disappears out of western central banks.     This results in shortages compared to paper… Speaking of shortages…


The CME has added a specific disclaimer to their warehouse report that states they perform no audit or inspection whatsoever on what the Banks might report in bullion, and assume no responsibility.     Now, the number of claims per ounce of registered gold continues to climb, and now stands at around 55, which is very high.    This just adds to the mania when physical over paper is demanded.

700,000 Distortion

It has been reported that supposedly 700,000 people have applied for health insurance through Obamacare websites.      This 700,000 number is likely just the number of people who have registered their email addresses on government exchange websites.     Conservative numbers indicate that at least 1 million people are losing their health insurance due to Obamacare compared to the few thousand who have actually completed the process to purchase health insurance.    Now, get this, Sebelius has suggested that Republicans are responsible for the pirated Obamacare website failure.

Benefit Recipients

According to the Census Bureau, in the fourth quarter of 2011, the 108.6 million people who were on a government benefit program outnumbered the 101.7 million full time workers.     One can easily imagine that things have gotten worse since then.

Polio Vaccine and Cancer

Although cached, the CDC removed a page from their website that describes how 98 million Americans received one, or more, doses of polio vaccine within an 8-year span, during the early 70’s, when a proportion of the vaccine was contaminated with a cancer causing polyomavirus called SV40.    So, if they were doing that back then, just imagine the crap in today’s vaccines.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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