131023 – Economy Stalling

Today’s Items:

Kerry Selling Syrian War

John Frankenstein Kerry, in another attempt to sell the idea of war in Syria, mentioned Iran’s Hezbollah’s involvement in the Syrian Civil War; however, he never mention’s the involvement of the CIA’s front group, known as Al Qaeda.

September Jobs Report

The key phrase for the delayed September jobs report, despite the Fed’s ongoing printing, is “little change.”     The official bogus unemployment rate only decreased slightly to 7.2%.   148,000 new jobs were added and a record 90.6 million Americans, 16 years and older, are not in the labor force.    This possibly means that the U.S. economy is stalling.

Taper Is the Wrong Question

Everyone’s favorite economic optimist, Marc Faber, says that investors are asking the wrong question about the Feds’ tapering of its bond-buying program.    He believes that the right question is when will the Fed increase their bond buying to 150 billion, 200 billion or even a trillion dollars a month?    Hell, at this rate, why not go all Zimbabwean and just pump up those 100 trillion dollars notes a month; so that, we can, as the central bankers put it… increase inflation and subsequent demand?

Boehner’ Reign

While many will blame Obama for the rise in the national debt, the nation’s purse strings are held exclusively by the House of Representatives.   Do not get me wrong, Obama has a large share of responsibility about the debt.   Anyway, since John cried his way into the Speaker’s seat three years ago, the national debt has increased more than 3 trillion dollars.    Or simply put…    $26,722 in new debt, per household, has been accumulated.   Don’t think of this as a debt, think of it as a new car, or college tuition, that each family never received.

12 Shocking Things In America

Here are a few…
1. Bus Drivers are only protesting after being stabbed, or urinated on, in Detroit.
2. More group crimes from “flash mob” robberies, beatings and “gang rapes.”
3. Witnesses to public sexual assaults are posting the pictures of the assault on social media.
4. Desperate people are selling their babies for money.
Now, imagine what it will be like when the next great economic crisis strikes!

I will Be Out

For the next two days, I will be out where I cannot produce and post a video report due to my workload.    I may, if I have time, put up stories on my website during my absence.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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