131001 – GDP of War

Today’s Items:

Government Shutdown

It is possible that the government shutdown could be used, as cover, to collapse the U.S. economic system.    Imagine, banks shutting down with no U.S. government oversight.    In addition, the government will hit the debt limit a few days after the national trucker strike.    Sounds like it’s going to be an interesting month.

Russian Gold

In August, Russia added 12.5 tons to their now 1015 ton gold reserve.    You can pretty much bet, they were shedding U.S. dollars to buy that gold.

China Gold Restrictions

China’s central bank is planning to increase the number of firms allowed to import and export gold.    They are also going to ease restrictions on individual buyers; however all exchanges need to be registered.     Looks like they are opening that gold buying spigot.

No Longer Free

Shush…  Keep this a secret!  The Obamacare Website has deleted references to “Free Health Care.”    It is now “Low Cost Care.”    Soon, it will be “Bend Over Care”.    In addition, other changes include dropping references to “dental” care and the availability of “prescription drugs.”

Twitter Follows Facebook?

Twitter plans to make its IPO filing to start selling before Thanksgiving.    Why am I having those Facebook flashbacks?

Cayman Islands of Data Privacy

Technology companies are on the defensive since Snowden’s NSA revelations came out to the public.     New costly procedures are being developed outside the U.S. and large technology U.S. companies are watching in trepidation.    Why? Simple…    These companies lied to us and no one wants to be associated with liars.

War and the GDP Myth

Many believe, looking at World War 2 as an example, that war brings prosperity to the economy; however, that mythology is being fundamentally challenged.    During World War 2, two-fifths of the labor force were producing for the war effort with less commercial goods being produced.    For example, citizens do not consume jeeps or tanks.    The military spending distorted the GDP in an upward direction, when it really should have gone down.

FBI Labels Patriots As Terrorists

According to a leaked FBI memo, if you support the U.S. Constitution, Liberty, and Justice for all, you are thought of as a terrorist by the FBI.    So, who exactly would be considered the domestic enemy here?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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