130930 – Skeleton Staff

Today’s Items:

China and Afghanistan Economic Agreement

The leaders of China and Afghanistan have signed an economic and technical cooperation agreement.    So, as the U.S. ramps up withdrawal from Afghanistan, it is fairly obvious who is going to benefit from the heroin and rare minerals there.

U.S. Money Supply

As long as the Fed holds interest rates at a low level and provides liquidity to any bank that requires it, the supply of dollars will continue to increase.   So, the whole tapering episode was academic because due to sustained .25% interest rates since 2009, the money supply has been increasing even without QE.

The Secret World of Gold

If you have not already, please watch this video on the secret world of gold.    Without physical gold, governments and central powers are inert; thus, they will do anything legal, and illegal, to obtain it.

Visa Goes Anti-Gun

The assault on the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment continues.    Now, Visa is sending emails to their clients saying they will not process firearm sales.    Perhaps, the new slogan for VISA should be…    VISA, where you don’t wanna be.


Obamacare Data Hack

It turns out that data brokers for hacked data could spell trouble for Obamacare as they sell personal data to identity thieves.   The online exchanges set to open October 1st are expected to attract scammers seeking financial gain or personal data.    To make things worse, some state governments are hiring offshore IT service providers to work with Obamacare.    Gee, what a NON-surprise!   This is just one reason why governments should not be involved with personal healthcare.

The Human Genome Project Fail

The Human Genome Project found that humans have only about 20,000 protein-coding genes, roughly the same number as the roundworm.     There isn’t enough data storage in 20,000 genes to hold a blueprint for a human being.    To that end, genes alone do not explain inheritance.    In the big picture, the Human Genome Project is a fail.

Obama Stripped to Skeleton Staff

A U.S. government shutdown means 75% of Obama’s 1700 staff will be sent home.    Obama’s national security staff of 66 would be cut to 42.    Of course, the U.S. government could cut 50% of its workforce and still do its job; however, that is not the 50% that Obama will cut..    In addition, if Obama’s golf caddy gets cut, Obama will be forced to wash his own balls.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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