130916 – Vermin

Today’s Items:

War-Mongers Still Going

Despite 63% of Americans and 75% of the military being against helping the Al Qaeda lead rebels in Syria, both Insane McCain and Graham have effectively joined Obama in calling the U.S.-Russia agreement on Syria meaningless as they prepare for military strikes.    Yes, like vermin, they just keep coming back.

Struggling To Afford Food

An August Gallop Survey shows that 20% of respondents stated they have, at times, lacked enough money to buy the food that they or their families needed during the past year.    This is up from 17.7% in June.    They blame the following…
1. The Fed
2. Fractional Reserve Lending
3. Lack of a Gold Standard
4. Congress
5. War-mongers

JP Morgan Whistle blower

We have whistle-blowers saying what many have suspected for quite some time…    Gold prices are being manipulated to maintain the illusion of currency value.    Most currencies have declined 97-99% in value since the creation of the Fed in 1913.    Debt worldwide is now expanding exponentially.    As the fraud becomes more and more apparent, physical assets, like gold and silver, will be viewed as the only financial safe-haven.

Illinois Supreme Court Overturns Gun Conviction

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled a 1992 conviction for domestic battery should not necessarily prohibit a man from getting his Firearm Owners Identification card.     Looks like the tide is turning against Obama, Holder, Feinstein and other anti-constitutional crackpots; however, like vermin, they keep coming back… Speaking of Feinstein…

Free Flow of Information Act

Dianne Feinstein has successfully added an amendment to Senate Bill 987 that would strip basic free-speech protections from the alternative media and others whom she deems as not being “real reporters.”    Her actions must be in response to the her failure to seize all guns from Americans because of the alternate media.    The price of liberty is vigilance and part of that vigilance is putting up with this woman’s anti-constitutional agenda.   Feinstein’s legacy of apparent treason against the U.S. Constitution is extensive and perpetual.

Obama’s Roach Problem

The 213 year-old White House is under attack.    Jimmy Carter had his mice problems; however, they do not compare to the roaches, rats, and fly problems that Obama is going through.    And you thought the vermin only walked on two legs at the White House and the Capital.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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