130914 – The Fool Speaks

Today’s Items:

Germany’s Anti-Euro Party

German parliamentary elections are coming up on September 22nd and a new strongly anti-Euro political party in Germany and has gained surprising strength in the polls despite being formed just in early February.    At 4% support, this party is not a threat to Merkel, yet; however, it is growing.

Mocking Kerry

More and more, people are mocking ole John Frankenstein Kerry.    This time, his Russian counterpart, after Kerry just wouldn’t shut his mouth in their opening moments of their meeting, said “Sometimes diplomacy demands silence.”    Of course, Kerry was too busy rehearsing his next set of lies and half-truths to even understand the insult.   Kerry is proving to be almost a complete embarrassment to the world as Obama.

Warning To Western Central Planners

Eric Sprott believes that the Chinese, Japanese and a lot of the emerging countries are selling U.S. bonds.    In addition, the Fed’s talk of tapering is just talk as yields have doubled over the last 12 months.     He goes on to say that the Fed has lost control of the interest rate markets.    So, forget what the Fed says, listen to what the bonds are doing.   When the Fed, either does not taper or tapers a little, one can expect gold prices to go up.   At least within a non-manipulated market.

McCain Hints at Retirement

Insane McCain, the 27-year Senate veteran, hinted that this may be his last term, which ends in 2016.    He said that he does not want to be one of these old guys that should’ve shoved off.    Hey McCain, your last term should have been 20 years ago!   Needless to say, McCain is likely to only support the Obama, or Reed, approved politician that will be running as his replacement.

12 Facts About Food Labeling

Here are a few…
1. “Kosher” does not mean non-GMO.
2. “Non-GMO” does not mean organic.
3. “All Natural” doesn’t mean anything at all…   After all, arsenic and lead are natural.
4. “Low calorie” almost always means it is sweetened with a chemical sweetener.

Florida Undermines Obamacare

Political leaders in Florida are undermining Obama’s Deathcare by preventing Obama’s ACORN err…   navigators from conducting activities on the grounds of the health departments in the state.    Maybe, they could conduct business in a more suitable location…   Like a funeral home or crack house.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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