130813 – Identification

Today’s Items:

Global Smart-ID is Coming!

The grand plan for Global ID is to give each person on the planet a way to identify themselves online.    In addition, you’ll have to use your Global ID to access all government and healthcare services, to drive a car, and with no physical cash, to buy or sell.    What could go wrong?

CFTC Subpoenas

The CFTC has subpoenaed a metals warehousing firm seeking all documents and communications related to the London Metal Exchange since January 2010.    Users of metals, such as Coca Cola, have claimed that warehouses have made procuring metal more expensive since JP Morgan and Goldman Sucks dominated these warehouses.   Needless to say, if criminal conduct is proven, these banks may only be a proverbial wrist slap and no high profile person will ever be criminally charged.

Silver Setting Up?

This year’s dramatic gold and silver price declines are big news.    However, since July price lows, some gold and silver analyst are suggesting a price bounce may now be underway.    Silver demand overseas, particularly in Southwest Asia, has recently been reported to be reaching record levels.    Silver just may be setting up for a significant upside price move again this time of year.

Confidence In U.S. Congress

According to Gallop, in 1990, Congressional approval was at a stellar 26%, in 2007, it dropped to 18% and today it is 10%.    Only 1% blame the branch, with the purse strings, for the current state of the economy.    Based on this, with most Americans totally ignorant of the repercussions of deficit spending, its pretty much over for the U.S. economy.

Data Breaches

Since 2004, data breaches seem to be getting more pronounced and more frequent on the internet.    For a good idea, this site has an interactive visualization of breaches from government, technology or telecom firms over the years.    In addition, you can query the method of leak, from hacking to poor security, to see how the information was released.    Check to see how big those bubbles really are!

Unfit for Human Consumption

Officials of the McDonald’s Franchise announced, after Hamburger chef Jamie Oliver revealed that McDonald’s hamburgers were unfit for human consumption, that they will change their recipe.    Besides the low quality of the meat, the ammonium hydroxide introduced into the ‘so-called’ beef, is harmful to health.    So, what will they use instead?    Perhaps fluoride?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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