130812 – Paid Liars

Today’s Items:

EU Crisis

The financial media talked about how Europe was saved at the point when Merkel was up for re-election in Germany.     Well, underneath this veneer of calm, things have worsened.     Here are two examples…
1. Italy’s non-performing bank loans rose 22% year over year in May.
2. At 25%, total EU youth unemployment just hit a new all time high.
Get ready for bad news on the front page once Merkel is re-elected.

Derivatives Drive Physical… For Now!

According to former US Treasury Official, Dr. Paul Craig, the consequence of repealing the position limits on speculation have allowed derivatives to drive the actual physical gold market.      Paper claims have exceeded the actual amount of gold ever since they took the limits off of speculators’ positions.     He goes on to describe that with paper being 42.5 times the amount of physical in the COMEX, people will begin to see, as the ratio goes higher, that this system cannot work and that is when the derivatives will fail and physical will take off.

Food-Stamp Use Rises

The number of people receiving food stamps has continue to expand to 47.6 million, or about 15% of the U.S. population.    Illinois and Wyoming registered double-digit year-over-year jumps in use.    At 22%, Mississippi was the state with the largest share of its population relying on food stamps.    Washington D.C. was at 23%.    The good news is that several states, like Alaska and Idaho, posted annual drops.

Real Journalists Draw Salaries

Legislators are still trying to put together a national “shield” law for journalists. During the debate, statist Senator Feinstein stated that only real journalists draw salaries as opposed to anyone else. Liars and thieves draw salaries too.   There are over 500 on Capital Hill and the one compulsive liar at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue right now.

Six Steps to Help Avoid GMO’s

Here are a few…
1. Avoid fruits and vegetables with PLU codes that start with the number 8.
2. Avoid anything with artificial sweetener.
3. Avoid anything that has sugar that is not specifically identified as cane sugar.
4. Avoid any dairy products that are non-organic.

7 Critical Steps to Take Following a Disaster

There is far more information on each within the article; however, here they are…
1. Make sure you, and yours, are safe.
2. Locate suitable clothing and durable shoes.
3. Turn off the utilities.
4. Conserve water.
5. Communicate with others.
6. Address fire protection for yourself and your neighbors.
7. Help your neighbors.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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