130801 – GDP Magic

Today’s Items:

No Physical Gold In System

Citing that the Bank of England’s custodial gold is likely gone, William Kaye says that we are possibility nearing the point of the end game for the smash on gold.    When gold resets to a greatly elevated price, people will be stunned at just how quickly the move occurs because physical gold is apparently not in the system.

Chinese Economy

The reality is that what happens in China is critical to America and the global economy.    China has dictated that more than 1,400 companies, spread across 19 industries, will need to cut their respective excess production capacity in 2013.    This is simply another way of saying that China is expecting its GDP growth to stall.     Speaking of GDP…

Changing GDP

It’s just plain magic folks… The U.S. Department of Commerce alters its methodology of calculating the U.S. GDP and suddenly the U.S. economy is 500 billion dollars larger.    Now, some skeptics eyes may be rolling back in absolute disbelief; however, with the exception of inflation, unemployment, and the money supply, when was the last time you can recall the U.S. Government manipulating stats?    Seriously, these bastards must believe that everyone, and foreign governments, are just plain stupid to come out with this BS!

NSA ‘Compliance’ Problems

Newly declassified 2011 documents show that the NSA had problems following the law when it came to its snooping program.    Although these documents only claim that the problems were technical in nature, the recent IRS targeting scandal demonstrates that this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Recall McCain Now!

Insane McCain stated he would not be sure who to support in a ‘Hillary versus Rand Paul” election.    Arizona, what are you waiting for…    Recall this waste-of-human skin now!

Armed Teachers

A Clarksville, Arkansas school district, backed by a little-known state law, has begun a training program; so that, teachers can carry concealed weapons at school.    Many parents agreed that locking school doors, turning out the lights and hoping for the best is not a plan to deal with gun violence.    And you know what, they are right.

Gun Registration Debate Over

The debate over gun registration leading to confiscation is over! Police in Cook County, Illinois are demonstrating that, contrary to gun control proponents’ reassurances, a gun registry does eventually and inevitably lead to confiscation.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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