Today’s Items:

Disability Hammock

More than 76,000 workers went on the federal government’s disability program in July.    A record 8.9 million workers are now collecting disability benefits, which is up 15% since the recovery officially started in mid-2009.     Eligibility rules were loosened in the 1980s, making it easier for people to qualify for benefits.    Possible reason now being used…   I can’t find a job and my unemployment benefits ran out.

Bitcoins Banned in Thailand

Citing lack of applicable laws and capital controls, the government of Thailand has made the buying and selling of Bitcoins illegal.    In addition, to stem any possible black market, they have also banned goods and services in exchange for Bitcoins.

Bank of America Whistle-blowers

Employees-turned-whistleblowers, who have signed sworn statements, state that Bank of America employees regularly lied to homeowners seeking loan modifications, denied their applications for made-up reasons, and were rewarded for sending homeowners to foreclosure.    In short, Bank of America fleeced borrowers and rewarded foreclosures.

136 Years

Although not convicted of Treason, Bradley Manning faces up to 136 years in prison.    A military judge found him guilty of espionage, theft, and other charges for sending classified material to WikiLeaks.    In the right conditions, if he had the right connections, he could be free on probation in 2 weeks.    It’s not like he vaporized 1.6 billion dollars… Right Jon Corzine?

CFR Members

A hacker has exposed the emails of over 1350 members of the Council of Foreign Relations.    Now this secretive group can join in the transparency that is Facebook, Google and Apple.    Doesn’t that give you a warm tingling feeling?    Now, what would happen if the hacker were to gain access to their secret bank account numbers, and access codes, at the Vatican bank as well and donate to ethical charities that promote humanity?

Which States Are Getting Fattest Fastest?

While Mississippi and Louisiana, at 34.9 and 33.4% respectively, have the highest percentage of obese adults, Delaware, Oklahoma and Virginia are getting fatter the fastest.     Washington D.C., followed by California, has risen the least.

Do As We Say, Not As We Do

Although passed three years ago, many Americans are still confused about Obamacare.    What is interesting is that Obamacare call centers, to help address these questions, are manned by personnel that are denied Obamacare health benefits and are not paid enough to afford it.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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