130727 – Obama Scrubbings?

Today’s Items:


Holder, again taking his cue from this buddy, the Liar-n-Chief, has lied err…  assured Russian authorities that the U.S. will not execute Ed Snowden if he is handed over.  Stop laughing!  You know, on second thought….   Holder may be telling the truth for once; in that, they can always escort Snowden down to Mexico and have the paid-off Mexican drug cartels shoot Snowden with an assault weapon – provided by Operation “Fast and Furious.”

White House Wants Government Shutdown

In dealing with Republicans, officials in the White House are actively preparing to shutdown the Federal Government on budget negotiations.     White House officials believe a government shutdown would be a winning situation, and you know what…   Many freedom loving Americans would agree that having this corrupt unconstitutional government shutdown would be a good thing as well.

Probed Over Metals Warehouse Manipulations

The Department of Injustice has opened an initial probe into the metals warehousing industry.     The probe comes amid growing concern over banks’, like Goldman Sacks and JP Morgan, ownership of metals warehouses and other commodity assets.    The claim is that banks are deliberately creating shortages of aluminum and other raw materials for financial gains.   Well Duh!!!

DHS Snipers for Peaceful Protestors

When you have Obama signing the NDAA, publicly saying he can authorize the torture and killing of Americans as he sees fit, is it any real surprise to learn that the Department of Homeland Insecurity had authorized snipers to take out peaceful protestors during the “Occupy” movement?    If it does, stop drinking the kool-aid.

Muni Disaster

After the city of Detroit filed for municipal bankruptcy, many are now reconsidering municipal bonds as safe.    In fact, this bankruptcy could eventually lead to significant reappraisals of credit risk, higher funding costs, and legal precedents pertaining to debt creditors and pension ‘guarantees’.

Obama Promises Disappear from Web

Change.gov, the website created by Obama in 2008, has effectively disappeared sometime over the last month.     The parallels to points in history are striking.     Scrubbing of libraries and databases is akin to the Nazi book burnings.     Someone does not want anything incriminating to remain.     Of course, if America is fortunate, Obama, via impeachment, will disappear along with his lackeys.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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