130729 – CDC and Guns?

Today’s Items:

Gold ETF outflows

Some analysts have been quick to point to outflows from gold ETF’s as evidence that the gold bull market is over.     It is much easier just to have the physical with you and that is why people are dumping ETF’s.  As an example, in order to redeem shares of GLD for physical gold, one must own 100,000 shares or 10,000 ounces.    As the gold market more widely wakes up to ‘paper gold’, it will negatively affect participation in gold securities and derivatives.

JP Morgan Calls It Quits

Officials, of JP Morgan, stated they are exiting the physical commodities market. Perhaps, they concluded that it was not worth the risks, and costs, of greasing all the regulators in multiple jurisdictions.    Or, it could be that they really do not have any physical in their vaults and it has been paper all along?    Just Imagine the excitement when officials at JP Morgan will claim all the physical gold and silver was mysteriously stolen while in route to the next custodian.

5 Job Stats You’re Not Hearing About

Here are a few…
1. 57% of all the jobs created in the first half of 2013 were created in the three lowest wage sub-sectors of the economy.
2. About 50% of the jobs created in the first half of 2013 were part time.
3. Nearly 100% of the decline of the U3 unemployment rate was due to fewer workers in the labor force as a percentage of the employable population.


The U.S. government has demanded that major Internet companies divulge users’ stored passwords.    Of course no one is going to admit to providing such info.   It’s bad for business.    Some companies, and you know it is not Apple, Google or Microsoft, are pushing back on NSA pressure.    To rub salt in the wound, the House voted to keep funding the NSA’s activities.

CDC to Oversee Gun Confiscation?

To Obama, and other kooks, having, or wanting, a gun is a sign of mental illness.    The CDC wants to help develop effective policies to reduce its occurrence, and impact, in the U.S.    So, Obama wants the nations doctors to do what Congress refused to do.

Bayer and HIV

In 1984, Bayer executives became aware that a batch of their medication became infected with HIV.    Since it could not be sold in the U.S., the FDA allowed Bayer, who developed chemical weapons during World War I, to sell this infected Factor 8 medicine in Japan, Argentina, Indonesia, and Singapore.   The result was a breakout of HIV among tens of thousands of hemophiliac children in those countries.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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