130608 – Annoy a Cop and Go To Jail

Today’s Items:

Meet Your New Boss

Chinese acquisition of U.S. businesses set a new all-time record last year, and perhaps, this year to.   In addition, China is buying up real estate all over America.    So, one should learn Chinese or stand in front of tanks?

COMEX Warehouse

Banks, like HSBC and without independent audits, provide the data that the CME uses to produce the COMEX warehouse stock reports.     If LIBOR is an indicator, that gold may be just plain gone!    At the very least, the gold is likely so rehopothecated that no one will ever know who owns what.

Obamacare Exempt List

Here are a few…
1. Individuals who cannot afford coverage
2. Members of American Indian tribes
3. Those with religious objections that decline public benefits

Government Surveillance Gone Wild

The NSA not only has every phone record of every American, but using a program called PRISM, they have had direct access into the databases at big tech sites, like Google, for some years now.     Several senior tech executives, such as Apple, claim they have no knowledge of PRISM or any other similar scheme.    Sure, they would say that.     After all, who would want to advertize government surveillance within their marketing?

NSA Responds

James Clapper, who heads U.S. Intelligence, believes that the disclosure of the massive phone record surveillance was reprehensible.    Well James, since you apparently know nothing about U.S. Constitution, we pretty much believe that you, and your Ilk, are reprehensible low life scum with no integrity, honor, or courage.

House Show Vote On Ammo

In a 234-192 vote, the House voted to stop the Department of Homeland Security from entering into new contracts to buy ammo until the they report to Congress on the need and cost.    Of course, this has no chance of becoming law; thus, it is a show for the gullible masses.

Annoy a Cop and Go To Jail

The New York Senate passed a bill that makes it a felony to annoy a cop while on duty.    In short, if this bill becomes law and a New York cop says you annoyed them, you go to jail for up to four years.

Nevada Private Gun Sale Bill
(775) 684-5670 and Pressing 2

Please help defeat this Nevada law, that would  make private gun sales illegal in Nevada, by calling the number on the screen and pressing 2.    Thank you.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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