130517 – Truth against Tyranny

Today’s Items:

QE Diminishing Returns

IMF officials are saying that global central bank bond-buying efforts need to be wound down.    Despite the Boston Fed chief hinting at more printing, the Fed is also exploring how to exit the massive 85 billion dollar a month QE program.    The only problem is that Wall Street is so addicted to the stimulus that the stock market would likely immediately crash if it goes away.

Benghazi and You Tube?

After releasing 100 pages of emails about Benghazi, it is still unknown how a You Tube video became the excuse for the attack.    It should be noted that the patsy, who made the video, remains in jail.

No Warrants Needed?

According to internal documents, Obama thugs privately keep insisting they are above Constitutional law and do not need warrants to seize emails, private social media and phone communications without probable cause or a warrant.    All this, while it becoming clear that the IRS was used as political blunt weapon by Obama, Harry Reid, and others.

This Is No Ordinary Scandal

While Fast and Furious, Sebelius’s Obamacare cover-up, and other scandals are swept under the rug, the assault on the AP and the lies about the IRS and Benghazi have made Obama damaged goods.     All sides of the political spectrum now see Obama as dangerous.    Still, the LA Slimes tried to reduce the impact of the IRS scandal by blaming vague tax exemption rules.    Hey slim-balls, if the rules were so vague, how were “Tea Party” and “Constitution” groups specifically targeted and “Progressive” and Muslim groups not?

Google Maps

Google Maps has re-tooled its maps from the ground up; in that, the application will tailor itself to you.    It will learn your search history, likes, and dislikes, and store it in a database that will be so secure that government thugs can review whenever they like…     Without a warrant, of course.

Cancer Causing Baby Products

Officials at Johnson & Johnson announced that they would voluntarily remove cancer causing formaldehyde from their baby products like baby shampoos.    Perhaps, one should wait to buy their products that have labels that say “No more carcinogens!”

Monsanto’s Lame Response

Monsanto is attempting to marginalize opponents while polishing their own dingy reputation.    The power of social media has never been more evident.    For example, if Monsanto is so proud of GMO produce, then why do they fight against GMO labeling?    In a world run by money, social media and grassroots movements may be the free weapon that turns the tide in the war for humanity.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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