IRS Union & Purjury?

News Flash:

Acting IRS Commissioner Steve Miller told members of the House Ways and Means Committee at a hearing that the IRS’s targeting of groups that were opposed to Obama was about poor customer service.   This is clearly a flat-out lie, or perjury, when one considers the IRS targeting was not proportionally even handed across the political spectrum.   As an example, liberal groups, or groups with names that sounded friendly to Obama, were processed significantly faster than those who opposed Obama.

What this comes down to is the idea that the IRS, as an agency, can be impartial with a massive ultra-liberal union. That has the same lack of credibility in the same manner as saying that the mainstream media is non-biased when the vast majority of its professionals are democrats or vote democrat.   In short, it is becoming clear that the IRS will never be impartial as long as there is any form of worker union associated with the IRS… Period!!!    This was a historical lesson when Ronald Reagan was forced air traffic controllers to destroy their union.

The only way to really clean up the IRS is to completely disband the union with its influences, and hand out long multi-year jail-time sentences for anyone, and everyone, remotely associated with the crimes that Steve Miller is apparently covering-up.   Of course, the idea of Obama disbanding a union and Holder holding any union worker legally accountable is as unlikely as Obama embracing freedom and liberty.


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2 thoughts on “IRS Union & Purjury?

  1. … if you don’t know by now , you will never ever ever know what’s going on .. Great new flash , but not breaking news in the true sense of the word’s just a continuation , more of the same , with a twist !

    • The newsflash was in the first paragraph where Steve Miller apparently perjured himself today. The rest of what I wrote builds upon the probable reasons as to the apparent cover-up that is going on.

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