130515 – Scandals

Today’s Items:

Merkel’s Past

In the 1980’s, Angela Merkel lived in East Germany and was responsible for brainwashing in favor of Marxism.    If she could do that kind of work for communists, just imagine what kind of work she is doing for the banksters.

CIA Recruitment… In Russia

U.S. Embassy worker Ryan Fogl, was caught in the act of CIA recruitment by the Russian counterintelligence agency, following John Kerry’s visit to Russia.   In addition, according to a letter seized, this spectacular failed attempt would not have come cheap…    Try a million dollars a year plus bonuses – courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.    Nothing says trust like CIA operatives, working for the State Department, trying to recruit spies in Russia.

Obama’s Assault on Media

Well, it appears that more distractions from the gun-running from Libya to Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria continues with the fact that AP reporters are outraged over the Justice Department’s spying on them and seizure of phone records.    In effect, the Justice Department is treating reporters as if they were members of the Tea Party?    So, now we have Benghazi gate, IRS gate, and now AP gate from the so-called most transparent administration in U.S. history.    Maybe, we should have another beer summit since Obama appears to believe he is already drunk with power as he hailed ‘World Press Freedom Day.’

Obamacare Rate Explosion

Aside from the fact that the scandal ridden IRS is not ready for Obamacare, internal cost estimates indicate that health insurance premiums will grow 100 to 400% under Obamacare.    The key reasons for the surge in premiums include wider services to adding less healthy citizens, and non-citizens, to the roles.

IRS and Health Records

The same IRS that targeted groups that were in opposition to Obama, will be demanding everyone’s private health insurance records in January.   Just imagine your worst enemy digging through your medical history and accidentally making public any, and all, medical information.   Yep, this is the legislation that needed to be passed before reading it.    Right Nancy Pelosi?

Police Brutality

Please watch this video on how the police break down this mans door
and taser him nearly to death because he was filming them from within the house.    The police state is at not only at the doorstep, they have come in.

Waist to Height Ratio

Measuring the ratio of someone’s waist to their height is a better way of predicting their life expectancy than body mass index.   People with a waist to height ratio of 80%, can expect to live 17 years less.    So, instead of dieting, perhaps one should find a way to grow a few inches taller?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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