130514 – Wars For The Dollar

Today’s Items:

The BRICS Are Coming

So far, only China has been active in challenging the dollar’s world reserve status using bilateral trade agreements.    Now, Russian officials have produced a public document for a strategy to end the dollar’s reign.    This strategy includes things from increasing the use of national currencies in international trade to using independent rating agencies.    In short, move aside New World Order because the BRICS have other plans.

Obama’s Distraction Ploy

Friday afternoon revelations are designed for a purpose.    The deliberate targeting of all enemies of Obama, by the IRS, was pretty much a foregone conclusion; however, Obama needed something to distract everyone from seeing that he, Hillary Clinton, and Petraeus may have been directly responsible for gun running from Libya to Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria that eventually resulted in 4 Americans being killed.

So, which “low level IRS civil servants” will supposedly have an accident or commit suicide?


The U.S. is currently fighting 74 different wars right now.    Of course, this does not count the covert wars, without congressional oversight. US military operations are involved in scores of countries across five continents from Bahrain to the Philippines to Bolivia.    So, as the U.S. desperately tries to save the dollar, is it any wonder why we Americans are so hated by many around the world?

Steel Coins for Debasement

The “Cents and Sensibility Act” has been introduced which would replace the base metals of most U.S. coins with iron.    The move would slash the nickel and copper content of U.S. coins to a fraction of today’s already reduced levels.    Like past changes in metal content, the bill represents the continuation of currency debasement.    Another reason to get the hell out of fiat currency and into real money like physical gold and silver.

Texas Doctors of Death

Texas State Representative Susan King, when asked about her bill, claimed that Hospitals have better judgement than parents on whether an irreversible “Do not Resuscitate” order can be placed on children, or the elderly, unless a medical panel overrides the doctor.     This bill grants doctors complete immunity from lawsuits from DNR’s.    Sounds like someone just loves those death panels.

Supreme Court Victory for Monsanto

The Supreme Court ruled for Monsanto in a case, in which, a farmer planted Monsanto soybean seeds without the company’s permission.    This is another reason to use organic.

21 Traits of an Awakening Soul

Here are a few…
1. Seeing possibilities before others do.
2. Knowing things without having to intellectually figure them out.
3. Watching, or reading, popular media; such as television, is very distasteful.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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