130516 – Rogue Agencies?

Today’s Items:

Argentina’s Deadbeat Special

In a preview of what is to come for everyone, officials in the Argentina tax authority have ordered Argentinians, who may be tax evaders, to buy 4% government bonds or go to jail.     Nothing says financially solid like the threat of jail time.     Yet, another reason to have physical assets, like physical gold and silver, and drop that financial paper trail.

Euro Recession Record

While Germany’s economy grew a whopping 0.1%, France’s GDP contracted 0.2% and has officially double-dipped.    With the Euro region in the sixth straight quarterly decline, this is the longest recession on record.    Remember when hitting a record was a good thing?

Bitcoin Attacked

In what will be more government actions against Bitcoin, the DHS has shut down Dwolla, a firm that manages online Bitcoin transfers.    Obviously, central banks are worried about their currency monopoly crumbling.

U.S. Military ‘Power Grab’

Pentagon officials have unilaterally granted themselves the authority over major civil disturbances in the U.S..     After the Boston false flag, who could not see this coming?

Obama Ignorance?

Does Obama expect everyone to believe that the IRS, EPA, DHS, DOJ, DOD, and other agencies are going rogue and he simply has no idea what is going on?    If we are to believe this lying sack-of-shit, then he should be impeached immediately for absolute incompetence.    Now, if he did know, he should be impeached, and if convicted, NDAA him in prison.     Who knows, he may like it in there because he’ll get free healthcare.

The Disconnect

With all of the political theater going on in Washington, many will ignore the financial storm that is hitting. For example in just 5 years, the Baltic Dry Index has gone from 13000 to 900.     All this while the stock market is hitting record highs without any economic data to support that rise.     The disconnect between paper and reality is growing; therefore, it is important to prepare accordingly.

Obamacare In California

To implement Obamacare, a California state agency has been granted authority to conceal its wasteful spending.    With millions going to private contractors, Obamacare has little to do with health costs, and more with waste and secrecy.

The Truth about School

As seen in StormCloudsGathering’s video, kids spend 13 years in school, supposedly being prepared for life; however, when they graduate, they get a worthless piece of paper and have no real life skills.  Are they being educated or indoctrinated for a lifetime of servitude and slavery?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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