130502 – New York Violating HIPAA?

Today’s Items:

20 Signs of Economic Depression In Europe

Here are a few…
1. Portugal’s unemployment went from 12 to 17% in 2 years.
2. Unemployment, for those under 25 years old, is 57.2% in Spain.
3. The debt to GDP ratio in Italy is now up to 136%.
4. 25% of all banking assets in the UK are in banks that are leveraged 40 to 1.

The Chinese People Are Buying Massive Amounts of Gold

Mainland Chinese have been ferocious purchasers of gold. As Chinese emptied the shelves in their own country, they also went south and swarmed shops in Hong Kong.    In fact, there are reports that demand has not been this high since the 1980’s.

People Don’t Want Paper

Terrence Duffy, President and Executive Chairman of CME Group actually came out and said it…     He said that people don’t want gold certificates, they want the real product.     He has confirmed what many already knew, the drop in the gold price was the selling of paper; and since paper is 100 times larger than physical, the price of gold went down.

42% of Americans

A new poll finds that many Americans are confused about Obamacare.    42% are unaware that Obamacare is still the law of the land.   12% believe the law was repealed by Congress.    I wonder what percentage of grown-ups believe in Santa Claus?

New York State Violating HIPPA?

Improper sharing of medical information is a violation of HIPPA, a law that protects patients medial privacy.     It turns out that there may be illegal sharing of medical information with officials of New York State.     This is being done to identify those who are on prescribed drugs to confiscate their guns.    Using the Exclusionary Rule, this illegally collected evidence cannot be used against a person in court; however, since the U.S. Constitution has been rendered void, does it really matter?

1999 McDonald’s Hamburger

A Utah man’s recent discovery of an old McDonald’s hamburger serves as a reminder to avoid fast food.    The hamburger looks almost exactly the same today, in terms of texture and smell, as it did when purchased in 1999.    With fast food loaded with preservatives, fillers, and other chemicals, it is important to remember that you are what you eat.

Global Warming Will Force Women Into Prostitution

A number House Democrats have written a resolution calling on Congress to recognize that global warming will drive women into prostitution for survival.    Can you just imagine Pelosi as a streetwalker?   After all, when it comes to being total whores, Congress has no equal.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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