130501 – Keep Getting Prepared

Today’s Items:

7 Trillion Dollars In 6 Years

Michael Pento observed that the U.S. debt has surged 7 trillion dollars in just 6 years.     The shenanigans played by government officials with the GDP, may fool some people into thinking that growth in the U.S. is gaining strength; however, foreign governments and savvy investors will see through the B.S. and will act accordingly.

Next Time Gold and Silver Skyrockets

The paper games will continue and someone holding onto physical may get discouraged with the price manipulation.     Make not mistake, the charade of the current financial system is not going to last, and we are seeing growing signs of desperation…   If you are looking.    To that end, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

Global Bail-In

According to Jim Sinclair, when 4.2 billion dollars is stolen from private bank accounts in Cyprus, bail-ins enacted by many governments, and virtually nothing is said in the U.S. Mainstream media, it is very telling.    As economies continue to worsen, the real debt of the underlying balance sheets of financial institutions will be exposed.    He adds that gold is for savings, and currency is simply for transactions.

Farmers Hoarding Food

With their currency in meltdown and food demand around the world rising, farmers understand where real value comes from. Food cannot be lost in a ponzi-scheme stock market.    Food’s intrinsic worth cannot be vaporized in a banking collapse.    In short, the rice, beans, wheat, and pasta you stockpile will still have the same exact intrinsic value a decade from now as it does today.

Why Texas Will Survive

Because of treaties, Texas is in a unique position to survive an economic collapse.    Texas is the only state that is allowed to fly the Texas flag at the same height as the National flag. Texas is the only state with its own land office.    The land management for all other states resides at the Bureau of Land Management in Virginia.    Because Texas never ceded its lands to the U.S., Texas cannot secede that which was never ceded in the first place.   On top of that, Texas has its own power grid, oil, and an abundant supply of natural gas.    Go Texas!

How To Instantly Tell Who’s Evil Versus Good

The way to instantly tell whether a person is “good” or “evil” is to examine their actions, not necessarily their words, on the control versus empowerment spectrum.    By positioning a person on the control versus empowerment spectrum, the question easily and absolutely answers itself.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.  Good Day!

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