130322 – 322?

Today’s Items:

Swiss Gold Referendum

A Swiss proposal, that is up for a vote and dubbed “Save our Swiss Gold”, would prohibit the Swiss National Bank from offloading its gold reserves as well as force it to hold at least 20% of its assets in gold.    Central banks are increasing mistrustful of each other, and now, in the case of the Swiss, people are becoming mistrustful of their own central banks.

The Math Does Not Add Up

The global financial system is a very shaky house of cards that has been constructed on a foundation of debt, leverage, and incredibly risky derivatives.    For example, the current total worldwide debt is about 190 trillion dollars; however, the combined total assets of the 50 largest banks in the world is about 61 trillion dollars.    Also, do not forget the 600 trillion to 1.5 quadrillion dollars in global derivatives.    In short, hang on because the global fiat train is going off the tracks.

10 Cyprus Lessons

Here are a few…
1. Banks are not safe places for money.
2. The Euro debt situation is not solved.
3. Governments are, or in the process of, becoming desperate.

US Restaurant Spending

Because of higher payroll taxes, surging healthcare premiums, and spiking energy costs, American families have less disposable income.   To that end, February marks the first three-months of consecutive declines in restaurant sales in almost three years.   Casual-dining sales were down 4.9%, the biggest hit, in February.

Monsanto Protection Act

The paid-off U.S. Congress is moving forward with a bill that would allow biotechnology corporations, like Monsanto, to bypass the legal system in approving, growing and selling illegal genetically-modified seeds and crops.    The provision would strip federal courts of the authority to halt the sale and planting of illegal and potentially hazardous genetically-modified crops.    If this provision becomes law, it will be a huge blow to the justice system, completely overriding judicial safeguards that protect the farmers and the public.

Fiscal Psychopaths

The company a person keeps determines who they are.    By showing the lies, lacking of empathy, and failure to accept responsibility, BrotherJohnF successfully shows that Benji Bernanke, the head of the Federal Reserve, is a psychopath.    So, it is reasonable to believe that the Federal Reserve, and the banking industry, are full of psychopaths.

March 22nd

Let’s See…
The Georgia Guide Stones were erected exactly 33 years ago on March 22nd.    A rare comet will soar over Israel during Obama’s visit on March 22nd.    The 224 Year Cycle of Political Change occurs on March 22nd.    The movie “Olympus Has Fallen” is released on March 22nd.    National Goof-off Day is on March 22nd.    May you have a fabulous False Flag Friday folks.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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