130321 – One-Way Trip

Today’s Items:

Syria’s Chemical War Setup?

Senator’s Insane McCain and brain-dead Graham both demand that Obama invade Syria if people died from chemical weapons use in Syria.    If the use of chemical weapon is true…    Is it possible that the U.S. special forces illegally operating within Syria could have received, and used, chemical weapons as per their Washington masters?     Sadly, it is an appropriate question when one considers the documented US-lead NATO war crimes in Libya.

IMF Stumbles

It appears that the IMF has no choice but deviate from previous agreements with other nations and to rescue the Cyprus banking system.    If they do not, and Russia steps in with a rescue package, the clout of the Federal Reserve dictated IMF will be lost.    This is a huge victory by Russia and the unknowing masses around the world.

Eagle Sales Soar

Sales of 1-ounce silver and gold American Eagle coins are soaring as market prices for the precious metals drop.    February sales of gold and silver eagles were up 240% and 126% year-over-year respectively.    The reason for the increase in physical sales is becoming more clear; in that, people see financially difficult times ahead as the U.S. debt is growing 15% a year while the economy is only officially growing at 2%, or less, a year.

Targeting FedEx and UPS

FedEx and UPS have a history of actively assisting the government crackdown on any criminal conduct; however, now the Department of Injustice wants to hold FedEx and UPS legally responsible for delivering illegally prescribed drugs.   Needless to say, this obviously has a chilling process for all deliveries and is clearly an another attempt at invasion of people’s privacy.

California’s Retroactive Tax Grab

For 4 years, the California Franchise Tax Board, the state’s version of the IRS, has allowed a certain tax break to be claimed by business in the state.    Now, officials at this agency have decided that is was not legal and have sent notices to business to pay up the 120 million dollars in back taxes.    So like a certain song, businesses, in California, may be running for the door; but, they can never leave.

Wanted: People to Go To Mars

The technology to get people to Mars and keep them alive, but never return, exists according to Bas Lansdorp, who is behind the private space project dubbed Mars One that is scheduled to take off in 2022.    Who would you like to volunteer for a one-way ticket to Mars?  I nominate Obama’s ethics panel that approved the testing of anthrax vaccines on American babies.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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