130320 – Unarmed Confiscation

Today’s Items:

The Debt Bomb Just Got Bigger

The U.S’s 14 trillion dollar economy has a staggering debt of 220 trillion dollars.    Deals in the global debt derivatives market now stand in excess of 1 quadrillion dollars.     The amount of debt worldwide is more than all of the bank accounts in the world.     The next phase, as previewed in Cyprus is confiscation.    In short, if you have paper, or digital, assets, be prepared to be MF Globaled.  Cyprus, and now, New Zealand, are great examples.

Indian Credit Growth Imperiled

Indian banks are struggling to attract deposits as their customers buy assets, such as gold and real estate, to protect themselves against inflation.    This is despite the government’s attempt, through increasing gold taxes, to suppress the physical purchases of gold in that country.

Gold ETF Outflows Are Only Half the Picture

The holdings of gold-backed ETF’s have dropped by 4 million ounces.    Looking at these numbers, one may believe that everyone is selling; however, the data is misleading.    That’s because while ETF holdings are declining, the physical market is seeing robust support.    For now, the paper gold and silver prices have been in a decline; however, in the end, because of reality, the paper and physical prices will diverge.

Gun Control Leads To Bank Account Theft

We now know the real reason why Democrats and many Republicans both want gun control and eventually confiscation.    The last act before a nation collapses is to loot the people and if the people are unarmed, it will be easier than taking candy from a baby.    This is yet another reason why many Americans will not comply with gun control laws, or Obama’s Imperial executive decrees, that are unlawful.

JP Morgan Wins Dismissal of Silver Price-Fixing Lawsuit

90 year old Federal Judge Robert Patterson ruled that while JP Morgan had the ability to influence prices, the investors failed to show that the bank “intended to cause artificial prices to exist” and acted accordingly.      Who expected any thing different?    Proof positive that some judges need to retire.

Trespassing In Texas Without Warrant

A Texas bill, by Republican State Senators John Carona and Jane Nelson, would allow State officials to trespass private property without a warrant.    This NAZI-like bill uses the alleged need to treat stagnant water that could harbor the West Nile virus as the excuse.    So, it would appear that Texas is on its way to becoming a fascist police state like California and New York.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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