Gun-Control Push Backfired!

News Flash:

Who would have thought that Obama, Biden, Cuomo, and Feinstein would turn out to be the best gun rights recruitment team in U.S. history?    When you have Obama and Piers Morgan having to stage a photo-op of them shooting guns, you know things have backfired considerably on the gun grabbing bastards.

Instead of rallying the American people to their side, gun sales have gone through the roof and NRA roles are skyrocketing.  In addition, there has been open talk of a possible rebellion on a truly massive scale against any such unconstitutional action.  The second amendment was second for a reason and it was not because they liked rabbit season.    In short, a government that attempts to disarm the citizenry at gunpoint would essentially be declaring war on the people and should expect to be treated like an occupying enemy of America.

So, while gun control talk may be softening considerably in recent days, one must always remain vigilant because there are people, like Obama, Biden, Cuomo, and Feinstein, that wishfully dream of the day when the U.S. Constitution is no more.


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2 thoughts on “Gun-Control Push Backfired!

  1. Thanks for the report / news flash Scott .. I’ll leave you a quote that explains all .. Only two things are infinite ,”The Universe and Human stupidity and i am not sure about the former ” ! quote :- Albert Einstein . I think he was correct .. have a good day Scott ! .. cheers .. gus

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