130206 – No Fluoridation

Today’s Items:

North Korea Missile Video

North Korea put out video that shows a US city in flames after a North Korean missile attack with the “We Are the World” song in the background.    Gee, I almost thought I was watching a downtown Detroit scene in Robo-Cop with Korean sub-titles.

Argentina Freezes Prices

Proving that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, officials of the government of Argentina have announced a two-month price freeze on food products to break the spiraling inflation.    Price controls are designed to keep the people sedate until the the supermarket shelves are empty; in which, producers will then be blamed.   Anyway, officials in the government stated that they are going to try to hold the next union wage hikes to 20%…    I think I see the problem here folks.   Anyway, Americans better be watching this because this is a precursor to what may be coming to the U.S. in the not-to-distant future.    Especially, when you consider that half of all American families live on the edge of financial ruin and cannot take any more inflation.

Currency War Has Started

Devaluing a currency is like peeing in bed; in that, it feels good at first, but it soon becomes a mess.    Currency wars do not have any winners, only losers to a certain degree.    They tend to end in either in an apocalypse or redemption and I would not count on the later with the criminals in charge.    How long will it be before the masses really notice gold and silver manipulation as well?

World’s Supply Of Silver Dangerously Low

According to Richard Russell, 10 years ago, there was 3 billion ounces of silver above ground.    Today, there is less than one billion ounces available.    He goes on to ponder if the recent surge in silver miners is telling us that silver is preparing to take off on the upside.    At any rate, since silver, unlike gold, is consumed, above ground silver may become extremely rare.

8 Reasons Why Water Fluoridation has Failed

Here are a few…
1. Water fluoridation has actually increased rates of tooth decay.
2. Children who drink fluoridated water develop lower IQ’s.
3. Fluoridated water is toxic to formula-fed babies.

Lew Follows Geithner?

Lew may have violated federal law by declining to respond to dire warnings from the group that oversees Medicare.    Of course, by now, everyone should realize, when it comes to cabinet positions, that it is a badge of honor to be dishonorable and to break laws.

After America Collapses

Please watch this video, by StormcloudsGathering, to get an idea, what the situation may be like after the collapse.    Put aside, how the collapse may come about, just imagine the world after the initial mayhem.    The paradigm that is sadly likely to occur is the one where might makes right unless circumstances are fundamentally changed.    The best outcome can be achieved where small groups work together for a common goal of survival.    You decide, working cohesively in groups or Mad Max.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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