130207 – Aging Power Grid

Today’s Items:

Prepare for the Coming Cyber Wars

If we are hearing that the U.S. government is preparing to launch pre-emptive cyber strikes against rogue nations, then it is a sure bet that the alphabet agencies, like the NSA and CIA, are already doing it.     Anyway, the BS being put out is that rogue nations could attack our power and financial system.    Well, the Superbowl proved that one does not need to hack the power stations and a hit on the financial systems is just the thing one, in the higher levels of government,would want to implement for a complete economic and political takeover of the U.S.    You know, so they can get rid of the U.S. Constitution that they hate.

Hypocrisy Defined

Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer, of the Department of Injustice, wants RBS to be held accountable for their stunning abuse of trust with the growing LIBOR scandal.    Hey Lanny, when are you going to hold yourself, Holder, and the other idiots accountable for gun-running and other illegal activities?    It should not just be financial, but all institutions, including yours, that are NOT above the law!

Central Banks Losing

Since the onset of the “Great Recession”, we have witnessed a spectacular ‘dead cat bounce’ in everything from stocks to real estate markets.    It is important to watch what those who are in the know are doing and not what they are saying.    The Bank of Japan is the latest victim of the reckless mindset of endless printing, and other central banks will suffer the same fate.    This is why it is absolutely important to get out of paper, and after preparing, to keep stacking physical.

EPA Posts Positive Report

When it comes to the EPA, one must always be suspect of what they are up to because they are definitely not looking out for average Americans.    So, when the the EPA releases a report that heat-trapping gases from U.S. power plants fell 4.6% in 2011, what could be their true motive?    Could it be to try to get some positive press coverage because of the legal losses they have been suffering?     You decide.

Super-dome Incident

This Superbowl will not be remembered for the game or the commercials.    It will be remembered for a blackout that lasted 35 minutes.    What Americans do not realize is that much of the energy transmission systems, in the U.S., were built over 50 years ago.    Just imagine what it takes to maintain a 50 year old roadworthy car and that is the state of the U.S. power structure.

Junking Saturday Mail

Officials at the U.S. Postal Service announced that Saturday delivery of mail will end.    The plan, which is aimed at trimming 2 billion dollars, would start to take effect in August.    This entity is the perfect example of a horrible business model.    Forever stamps?    Union pay raises regardless of income?    Genius.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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