130130 – Another War

Today’s Items:

Iceland’s Victory

In yet another victory for not bowing to criminal bankers, Iceland has won a court ruling that enables it to repay billions of Euros on its own terms.    So, there are two things different about the  Iceland and other western countries…
1. Citizens honestly think about what they are voting for.
2. The government is responsible to their citizens.
So, will there be a military invasion of Iceland to save the population from their freedom?

France Totally Bankrupt

The French labor minister accidentally let the truth come out when he described France as totally bankrupt.   Wait a minute…   Isn’t France supposedly one of the stable countries in Europe?   Seriously, if France is down, what does that say about the rest of the European bloc, and by extension, the West?

Another Undeclared War

Obama’s statement of “a decade of war is now ending” coincides with the US military working its way into another war in Mali.   You can bet that special forces, drones, and CIA paramilitary units are active in Mali.    How did we get to Mali?    It was because of the unintended consequences when the US and NATO attacked Libya to liberate the gold.   Soldiers from Mali, trained by Gaddafi, returned home and continued their violence.    This is the reason why the Constitution placed the authority to declare war strictly with Congress.

Seattle’s Impromptu Gun Show

Leave it to enterprising Americans to always find a loophole in the midst of ever-expanding government regulation.   As thousands of Seattle residents lined up for hours to trade their firearms in exchange for up to $200 in gift cards, police stood in awe as gun enthusiasts and collectors waved wads of cash and were snatching up those guns right and left.

John F’ing Kerry

Documents, captured by the U.S. from Vietnamese communists, and later translated, are directly linking the dots between John Kerry’s Anti-War actions and Vietnamese communists.    So, now that this waste of skin is  going to be Secretary of State, will he be finally called out for his actions?   All this makes sense once one understands that the Obama administration views possible treason a badge of honor.

US Cities Are Death Traps

If you are living in a major city, you may be living in a large death trap. This is because of the density of people and the very limited amount of routes of exit.    In an large-scale emergency, these limited routes can be jammed with non-moving cars.   Cities, like LA, Miami, or New York, because they are next to the large body of water, are not going to be the place to be when it hits the fan.    This may be another reason why you may not wish to live near a coastline.    For other reasons to not to live on the coastline, please review the SuspiciousObservers You Tube channel.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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