130131 – US Turning Into N. Korea

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Today’s Items:

U.S. Economy Shrinking

According the Bureau of Economic Analysis report, the US GDP dropped from the 1.1% estimate to minus 0.1%.   Private inventories, exports and government expenditures all contracted, by -1.27, -0.81, and -1.33% respectively.   No wonder, we are gearing up for war err… kinetic action with the evil superpower Mali.  Of course, the Fed will continue with their “Pump Baby Pump” policy.

U.S. Debt Headed Toward 200%

Following the charade deal of fiscal responsibility, known as the debt deal, the U.S. is well on its way to join Greece with a debt to GDP of 200%.    Yes, the agreement may have prevented the immediate threats that the fiscal cliff posed with the now obvious phony recovery; however, because there was no real fiscal back-bone shown, the growing can of crap has been kicked a even smaller distance, than before, down the road.

Swiss Banks Protecting Their Clients

UBS and Credit Suisse have moved to offer allocated gold and silver accounts to their clients.    The move allows these entities to take direct ownership of their bullion in allocated accounts.   Of course, like the Fed, do these banks actually have the physical gold and silver to cover these accounts?    Personally, I believe if you cannot physically place your hands on an asset, within a day, then you really do not own it.

Silver Eagle Sales Record

Silver Eagles sales hit a record this month surging to 7.42 million.    This is the highest number of sales since the Silver Eagle’s inaugural in 1986.    Keep in mind, this is even with the Treasury’s suspension of sales.  What do those stacking know that both the media and politicians are not saying?    Hmm…

22 Signs That The U.S. Is Turning Into North Korea

Here are a few…
1. The ability to hold citizens indefinitely without trial.
2. The massive use of unarmed, for now, aerial surveillance drones over the U.S..
3. The “leader worship” of Obama that is just ridiculous.
4. The discussion of disarming the population.

TSA Train For Mass Shooting

TSA screeners are receiving training to prepare for a mass shooting at an airport checkpoint.    Unreliable sources claim that the screeners are being trained, in the event of a mass shooting, to use children and the elderly as shields as they look for escape routes.   TSA perverts err…  screeners are not sworn law enforcement officers; thus, they are not currently armed with assault rifles err…  personal defense weapons… Yet.    Now, do TSA officials already have intelligence about a possible checkpoint shooting black swan err… event in the near future?  Maybe those helicopter gunships over Miami doing strafing runs may be a clue or the gun shooting exercise drill in a Chicago school.

Patriots Most Wanted

If true patriots could arrest and try people for high crimes, here is a partial list of the most wanted…    Benji Bernanke, Eric Holder, George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Janet Incompentano, and Obama the Liar.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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