130129 – Suspended Debt Limit

Today’s Items:

Global Jobless

According to a report, by the International Labour Organization, global joblessness will hit 200 million this year.    Now, if other countries are using accounting gimmicks, like the U.S., then one should easily imagine that the true global joblessness should actually be much much higher.    On the other hand, if you are going to believe these numbers, you may have taken the blue pill.

U.S. Employment Facts

According to the Social Security Administration payroll data, here are some facts…
1. 38 million American workers earn less than $10,000 a year.
2. 50 million earn less that $15,000 a year.
3. 61 million earn less than $20,000 a year.
Of course, these numbers may actually be higher.

Currency Wars Heating Up

More of the world is waking up to what the Bank of Japan is doing, with their money printing, and do not like it.    The governments of Taiwan, Korea, and China recognize that easing is everywhere and that the global currency war is heating up.

Russian Gold Reserves Up 8.5% In 2012

Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey expanded their gold holdings seeking to diversify their foreign reserves and protect it from currency devaluation risk.    Russian gold holdings climbed 2.1% to 957.8 metric tons.    Kazakhstan’s gold reserves expanded 1.7% to 115.3 tons.    Turkey’s gold reserves expanded 14.5% to 359.65 tons.    And the race to this metal of tradition continues.

Going ‘Gandhi’ in New York

Mass civil disobedience is the word for today as New Yorkers follow Gandhi’s path of non-compliance with the new gun control law.    The bill that was rushed into law was so bad that it instantly turned all of New York’s police officers into felony criminals.    No wonder, communists are cheering over the idea of gun control.    It is every New Yorker’s duty, and every American’s for that matter, to resist tyranny with peaceful non-compliance.

DHS Buys 7000 Full-Auto Assault Rifles

Diane Feinstein, the gun control profiteering hypocrite, must be so happy that the Department of Homeland Insecurity bought 7,000 full-auto assault rifles to be used domestically.    Now, here is the rub…    They are actually calling them personal defense weapons.

The Truth About Social Security

Please take a look at this video about Social Security.    Although it is geared towards Wisconsin, it holds true for the other 57 states that Obama has visited.     Social Security, as it is, has already been spent, by both political parties and they have not told the American people to this fact.    In short, Social Security is simply a ponzi scam.

Suspended Debt Limit

Again, the media conveniently has it wrong with the debt ceiling debate.   The House acted to “temporarily suspend” the debt ceiling.   These are the exact same two words that Nixon used in his 1971 speech announcing that he was breaking the dollar’s link to gold.    The Senate and Obama will quickly enact the measure; thus, it is now all but certain now that the dollar is headed for hyperinflation.   Can you say “Good-bye Dollar?”

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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