CDC Follies

News Flash:

As thousands of people, from nearly all 50 states, flood into emergency rooms with flu-like symptoms, officials at the CDC have finally had to admit, after it was revealed that many of those sick previously got the flu shot, that the flu vaccine was ineffective.    To add on to a failure, these people still insist that people get this ineffective vaccine.

It appears that only about, on yearly average, 2.7 in 100 adults get the flu.  Once vaccines are introduced into the picture, that number drops down to a whopping 1.5 out of 100.    Not exactly, the raging success story one would write home about folks.

To make it simple, when one gets a flu shot, millions of harmless dead viruses are instantly injected into the body’s bloodstream.     The body’s immune system, identifying the mass existence of foreign bodies, essentially calls up the so-called reserves to destroy this all-out invasion; however, in doing so…    It potentially leaves the door wide open for other living viruses, without being detected early by the body’s immune system, to freely multiply and increase the chance of a real illness or even disability, like autism.     One would believe that the super-geniuses at the CDC would understand this simple concept.   Sadly, common sense appears to be lacking at the CDC.


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